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  1. Ah, excellent. Thank you guys, understood. Should I do a Global reset which requires me to recalibrate the pedal, or simply change the setlist name from User 1 to Variax? Is it beneficial in other ways to do a Global reset after an update? Also, kind of stupid question here, but I haven't got my mind totally wraped around setlists/banks hierarchy arrangement yet;.....So there are 8 Setlists containing 16 groups of 4 patches, each with a top row of assignable effects right? I know you can reassign the group patches to be effects buttons but we'll skip that option for now. I'm thinking of that correctly for the most part right? Thanks again!
  2. Hello, I was successful at updating both my USB memory and flash memory in my new hd500x. The preset tittles remain unchanged however though User 1 is now loaded with lots of presets instead of being empty. Are these the Variax presets? Also, I did a Preset backup bundle using Edit before my update, and I had a couple patches I made and like in User 1 that I would like to keep without losing the new update's presets now occupying the same User 1 locations. How do I bring back my patches and load them back in the pedal board in a different location as to not overwrite the new update's patches? While Edit and the hd500x are connected, and you open up a saved bundle on the computer, does it only sync the patch locations you call up on the footboard one at a time as you access them? Thanks in advance!
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