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  1. Ah, crud thanks. That narrows it down quite a bit.
  2. Looking over the software packs offered and kind of confused between the "HD Fully Loaded Bundle", and the "Power Pack" showing a Standard Variax graphic. I have a Variax Standard and an HD500x. Does the "Power Pack" software update the Variax Standard guitar and/or does it update your floorboard too? Thanks!
  3. Hello, perhaps it is listed somewhere here on the forum already, but can you tell me what the serial number range is affected by the transformer and/or fuse issue? Been looking at used DT50s. Thank you much.
  4. On my last show we ended our set, I looked down at my guitar to take it off and the top of one of my knobs was missing. Luckily I spied it on the ground at my feat. I need to put it back on but not sure if gorilla glue is a correct choice. It's not a pressure fit so they must have used some sort of adhesive at the factory. Anyone know got the factory answer?
  5. I don't have any experience with the JTV import line, but I can tell you that the build quality of the Variax Standard that I received is very good. Just noticed the far string tree should be relocated for better string angle pressure on the string nut is all. It's pretty much the same build quality as an American Standard Strat in my opinion. Since the components; (neck, nut, frets, bridge), are constructed about the same as they have been for decades, then I would assume that the level playability would be determined by your set up skills, or those of your tech. New development....I did have a knob top fall off. Pretty minor deal but a build quality issue right? Not too worried.
  6. Yeah, it's an easy fix. Better for tuning to move the existing string tree than add another one with an added surface that the string needs to glide on, so not even $5. But, that leaves an empty hole in the pegface. Not a major but just something Line 6 can remedy from the start if the right person there sees this post.
  7. One manufacturing suggestion I would like to offer Line 6 on the Standard is for them to move the high E & B string retainer on the face of the peghead closer to the nut. The break angle for these strings, (especially the E) within the nut slots is not sufficient to produce a clear open string note. Moving that string retainer closer to the nut would increase the downward pressure within each of the the E & B slots and alleviate the problem. :)
  8. It's a pretty simple rig, but I am determined to fit within it. Did a country gig a few weeks back and got all my clean tones together, but this weekend is a reunion gig with some guys I played with in a rock cover band back in the 80s. I hadn't got my crunch tones together and had just a few minutes last night and dialed around, pulled up the JCM 800 head and went, "hey, this will work". Of course that's what I was playing through back in the 80s; a Marshall JCM 800 stack...funny...it sounds just like it. NOT doing the spandex again though!
  9. OK, finally got it all put together like I want and need. Using just the HD for my Variax Standard running wireless with the X2 racked up. Digitech Vocalist Pro for vocal effects and harmonies as needed with a separate controller for that off to the left. All the direct outs plug right into that last rack level....quick set up, compact, and gig ready for this weekend!
  10. One interesting point about maple fingerboards is that they have a finish on them. So your fingers are playing on finish instead of wood. If you are like me and have experienced playing the heck out of a single guitar, you may have ended up with divets in your frets around the second and third fret. If you are on your second or third fret level, then you need new frets. New frets on a rosewood board, $150. New frets and a required refinish on a maple fingerboard $300.
  11. Oh wow.....OK, got it. I haven't got to study the mixer block yet and learn about it's benefits and options, but I know panning is one now. I'm never going to use a stereo mix, too bad I cannot just globally sum left and right XLRs. Thank radatats, great info for me. I got another gig in 3 weeks, and a rotten house subfloor has my gear pushed aside for construction tools when I REALLY need to get my issues worked out on this new pedal board.
  12. Oh, that makes sense. I was using the XLR out since I have 50' mic cables. Next gig I will run my K10s with the hd500x's 1/4" out, and then use the XLR out to send to the house PA. Thanks for the info!
  13. Thanks mdmayfield, I had thought about the 48v phantom power as a likely disrupter. I like your DI solution. I have a whirlwind passive DI box...but I also do have one more availble rack space in my pedal board rack (SKB PS-100). I'll look for a single space rack DI. And maybe a good one would boost the hd500x signal higher to my K10s.
  14. On my QSC K10s, going direct from my hd500x, I have to have the input option switch on "mic" instead of "line" to get enough signal for appreciable volume. Good to hear the output of the hd500x is a little low. I was thinking I may have some other gain problems.
  15. Apartently white pickguard is an option: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Line-6-Variax-Standard-Electric-Guitar-Sunburst-PROAUDIOSTAR-/301659501867?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item463c4eb52b
  16. SKB doesn't make them anymore but you can find them used sometimes. They are very cool. Here's a sold listing with some good pictures: https://reverb.com/item/93433-skb-ps-100-black-gray
  17. Yeah, that was the plan to go direct. Thought I would just run a line off one of my QSC K10s. But when I did that the QSCs would shut off. I only had a couple of minutes to get going and I didn't know if I could run both an XLR and a 1/4" line out of my hd500x at the same time. The sound guys said let's just mic it so that's how it went. So now I have two things to investigate: does the hd500x support a simultaneous line out 1/4" mono and low-z (left), and what was up with my QSCs not just passing the signal along.
  18. Here's a video from Saturday's gig. My first try at using the Variax Standard and Pod hd500x live through a pair of QSC K10 speakers. It was a great experience and tone was amazing... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WP_omaPhFGc&feature=youtu.be
  19. I have this old SKB floorboard that came in handy to load back up when I recently bought my hd500x. The 3 space rack part of it on top is just holding a wireless unit and light unit for now but it worked great at it's first gig this last weekend. Here's a video of it from Saturday in front of me (guy in the middle). It's kind of big floorboard but doesn't look to big on stage I think. It has a hard cover that goes over the whole thing too. SKB doesn't make these anymore but I think they're cool. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WP_omaPhFGc&feature=youtu.be
  20. Amazing gig with the new rig. Sounded killer in the bedroom then took it on a big outdoor stage..... same killer sound as I programmed. So there you go. I have played a lot of gigs...A LOT of gigs over the last 35 years. I've had about every amp set up you could have...except Mesa....(just not a Mesa guy), and I got to say, this Variax Standard and HD500x cranks out whatever you want dependant mostly on your own ear. If you have a good ear, you have all the technolgy here to get you just about everything you want.One helluva of a thank you needs to go out to Line 6 & Yamaha! Sweet technology guys! And now Helix? Lol..OK, keep it coming!
  21. Got to say I am very pleased with this instrument. Never bought a mail order guitar before but I do trust Yamaha. I worked for Warmoth Guitar Products for 9 years so I have experience with guitar parts and specs. So far I can tell you that the nut width on mine is 1 5/8" and the string spacing at the bridge from E to E is 2 1/16". The neck back profile is basically a Warmoth Standard thin, or pretty close to an American Standard Strat. The fingerboard radius is probably about an 11"...can't find my gages to tell for sure. The string nut is cut very well. The frets are level with no fret buzz. The pickup pole pieces are staggered. I get a pretty balanced output between the magnetic pickup system and the modeling system when I switch between them. Using the regular pickups, it really sounds and plays pretty much like an American Standard Strat to me. Mother of Pearl face dots. The frets look to be like a 6105 size. Glad they are not tiny like a vintage fret. The body appears to be made from 4 pieces of Alder. The finish on the body is top notch. The finish on the back of the neck is a thin satin. It stays in tune great so far...can't believe the intonation is dead on. Me and this guitar are going to do some great stuff together starting with a band gig in the park this Saturday. I just bought a POD hd500x too. So that's my whole guitar rig, and a couple of QSC K10 speakers if I need them. Scrambling to get some patches put together by Saturday now. I'll have more to add to this thread come Sunday. I'm pretty stoked about what I will be able to do with this system. My first line 6 products and very pleased with both!
  22. Thanks Pianoguyy, that breakdown was great and I understand it better now. I did the global reset and pedal calibration, all went well. The Variax set title showed up. I did see how to save Set lists and Bundles under the file tab, but saving single patches wasn't obvious to me. My Variax Standard arrived today so I'm putting together a few good patches to get through my show on Saturday. A serious thank you to you guys for steering me in the right direction. Guess I'll head over to the Variax Standard discussions and post my thoughts so far on this new axe.
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