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  1. New amber speed knobs with rubber traction ring for volume and tone positions... New Gotoh Locking tuners with Tortoise Buttons...
  2. On the JTV-59, they have countersunk the knob holes so the knobs sit down into the carved top. That prevents spoons from being able to slip under the knob rim without damaging the corners of the countersink. For a flat surface though, that is an excellent idea!
  3. Edstar1960, PERFECT suggestion sliding a peice of cotton twine, rocking back and forth under the knob and they came right off! Thanks! And, the verdict on the volume and tone potentiometer shafts is that they are a course knurling 18-spine style. I have these amber speed knobs now on their way. Should look good with the Tobacco Burst, http://www.bing.com/images/search?q=guitar+rubber+speed+knob&view=detailv2&&id=93E68BAE8EEDF667C397038CC4F6A304AB2640FD&selectedIndex=0&ccid=qHsTbefD&simid=608036013075465429&thid=OIP.Ma87b136de7c3c505149eb42003615fcao0&ajaxhist=0
  4. Anyone have a good trick to pull the volume and tone knobs off the JTV-59? Slippery little buggers. Worried I am going to damage the high tech potentiometer underneath with how hard I am having to pull. Does anyone know if the pot shafts are coarse knurled or fine knurled? Thanks.
  5. psarkissian thanks for the specific fretwire size, yep it's a biggy. Thanks for the link too; time to get educated on the JTV-59.
  6. Yeah, I can work on the string tail before I install it to help minimize the issue. Never seen a remark here on the forum about it so must be no big deal to people I guess. Cool, glad Workbench remembers each different Variax. Thanks edstar1960.
  7. Hi all, I found a good deal on a used JTV-59 in practically new condition, bought it and finally arrived. First thing I noticed is the super large frets. Looks like 6100. Not usually the size of choice for me but actually very nice to play on, and the fret ends are finished super nice. Just found a couple of high frets that I can spot mill, recrown and polish myself if I'm needing to make closer to perfect. One great thing about super jumbo frets like this is the long wear you get out of them. Neck back shape: from what I read I was expecting a Gibson 1959 similarity. This is like a 59 back shape profile but with the shoulders sanded down. Not what I expected but really comfortable to play on. I'm really enjoying playing on this back shape. The neck carve where it meets the body feels even better than it looked in the pictures. Makes access to the upper frets so much easier than my Gibson Les Paul. Volume and tone knobs: The knobs are bonnet style knobs. For me these knobs are hard to grip, and being countersunk because of the electronics inside I suspect, makes gripping even more difficult. I need to change these knobs so does anyone know if they have the standard knurl post most potentiometers do? Bridge: So the string ball anchors in the back of the bridge and the string wrap holding the ball is exposed and laying on top of the bridge including the string's wrap end. So while palm muting your hand can easily rest on these sharp string edges poking up. Pretty odd. Seems fraught with peril. Thoughts? Last question: This is my second variax. Does workbench remember which variax you are on when you make changes, like the individual string volume and such? Is that information actually stored in the variax guitar? Thanks for your help in advance folks!
  8. Ah, yeah, I see what you mean bwbatters; I'd have to build it. Really relying on the VDI exclusively now so want to stay with that instead of 1/4". Had to give up wireless; haven't been tethered for 20 years. Worth it though. Interesting thought there brue58ski. Control the DT-50 amp with midi as well? Might be too involved to go down this path I'm thinking, lol.... Thanks for the input guys!
  9. Hey there, I have my 2nd Variax on its way. I'd like to have both Variax guitars cabled up to my hd500x using Variax cables and at the ready for live shows. Perhaps an RJ45 splitter pedal? Not possible perhaps? Thanks in advance for your thoughts.
  10. Got a Variax standard, HD500x and a DT-50. Played my first gig connected together as a "dream rig" and really liked it. So much for being wireless. Now I want to find me a Tobacco Burst JTV-59. Saw the factory refurbished ones on ebay and wondered if anyone here bought one of those and had an experience to share. Want a good deal, but want a good one too. Thanks!
  11. Hi J, if you are familiar with Warmoth Guitar Parts the neck back shape of the Variax Std I have is most similar to their standard thin profile. (You'll find those specs in detail on their website warmoth.com) As far a hardware/software, I only had a problem with the control knobs falling apart in two pieces; a little careful use of some super glue and it's like it never even happened. I did move one of the string trees on the pegface closer to the nut to create a steeper break angle for the high B and E strings; the down pressure of those strings in the bottom of their nut slots wasn't adequate to make a clear and clean open note. Did a fret level too. It's dialed in pretty well now.
  12. Just wanted to confirm for the end of this thread that the effects send worked perfectly for a plain guitar signal feed to my digitech vocalist live pro. And I purchased the LIne 6 brand VDI cable which turned out to be a very good quality cable, unlike the picture of one I saw somewhere. Thanks again all.
  13. Excellent then! I'll get to work on figuring out how to move around the effects loop placement in the chain and I just use the send for my Digitech vocalist live pro. Thanks for everyone's input on this thread....mucho appreciated! Also need to buy a good quality VDI cable; the line 6 one looks a little light duty.
  14. Ah, OK then. Yeah, don't want to fry anything. Might be able to use the loop in the HD500x .....but really need an unaffected guitar signal to send to the vocal harmonizer so it tracks chord changes and such. Hmmm.... Question: Can you put the effects send of the HD500x anywhere in the chain? I haven't used the effects send and returns in this unit before.
  15. I've decided I need to try and use my Variax VDI option hookup to my HD500x and DT50 amp for gigging. Only problem is I use a vocal harmonizer that needs a clean signal from my guitar by way of a 1/4" mono plug. So, the only way I can think to accomplish this is to use both Variax guitar outputs. Do both outputs work simultaneously?
  16. Ah, OK. I got the HD500x and DT50 together tonight and started messing with things. The DT50 by itself is ridiculously great sounding. Used my Les Paul and Variax Standard plugged straight in to it and got some super tones. Now with the pedal board, just trying to figure out the relationship nuances between the two. Trying to understand the best theory of building the patches I need for an upcoming show. I had some various patches I have downloaded over the last year so I was rolling through those. I was wondering if the people that created the patches were hooked up to a DT amp, or just using the pedal board direct. Maybe I should just be building my patches from scratch. I'll put off tackling the Variax digital connection to the system for a bit while I get my sounds ironed out. Dream rig though, right? Fun technology. This DT50 is really amazing sounding....it makes the weight of the amp irrelevant. Wondering if using a microphone cord between the two is really a bad thing and if I should be springing for a special cable as recommended in the manual.
  17. Hmmm...the manual options you can download say 2.0 or 2.1.
  18. Hi all, I've done a few gigs with my HD500X direct to PA and it's not quite hitting the mark for me so I picked up a lightly used DT50. How do I determine if it is V 2.0 or V 2.1? Thanks!
  19. Holding the left arrow during start up worked, thanks!
  20. I was adding a secondary amp route and then, every 12 seconds, it flips back between these two screens. No button pushing has any affect. Unpluging and repluging into power has no affect once it comes back on, just keeps flipping back and forth. At a loss here. Fun times...
  21. I know this is a year old post but thought I would chime in since I have a few of these units. I have found that eventually every stock X2 guitar transmitter cord, 1/8" TRS jack end, will eventually start making noise; cutting in and out. So, I tried a cheap hosa style molded plastic 1/8" TRS plug, then cut off the other end and put on a mono 1/4" guitar plug to go into my guitar. Can't remember which wire I soldered together at that end but I did follow the original cord's example. For some reason, a cheaper cord with the plastic molded one-piece strain relief would work great on every unit I have. To keep the cord from pulling out during a live performance, I simply use a strip of duct tape to keep the jack plugged into the transmitter. Sounds hokey, but it totally cured the problem.
  22. I just bought a second battery. Can't have it going dead in the middle of a gig.
  23. CaptianRiff, I had to remove the spring behind the bridge saddle on a Fender years ago for the same reason. All guitars are a bit out whack, some more than others. It didn't bother me about the spring as long as it fixed the intonation. Locking tuners do help tuning stability and I plan on adding them to my guitar though I am not having much of an issue on mine. Planet Waves are my favorite because of the fine turning ratio and the fact they automatically cut off the string really nice. Have to check what that the tuner hole size is in the Standard.....anyone out there already know? If you have changed string set gauge to a larger size than stock, then the slots in your string nut maybe too tight and may be binding the string from a smooth travel across it. The latest things I've done on my Standard is move the E/B string tree closer to the string nut, and I did a fret level. The fourteenth and eighth fret were a bit high so I couldn't get my string action as low as I wanted without buzzing. A lot better now. The Standard is a built to historically well used specs and materials. A remedy to quirky tuning issues should just be a tweak or two away.
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