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I've some background (mostly outdated) in IT (Service Desk, SW testing and negligible development skills). I'm a generally ~'outstandingly'~ procrastinating newbie; have been and can be a total n00b among other much more revealing descriptions; newly (total egg) guitar-hobbyist (with a loan, after some 'inner breakthrough' leading to sleepless 'research' #days [the permutation of letters that no longer represent the word meant on Twitter..] + luck):


JTV-89F ([south?]Korean [more affordable] version, Black instead of 'Dark Red') + (over VDI) Firehawk FX/PhoenixFloor-board (+ Archos 101b Copper (Stock Android v4.4.2))




~Private 'free' ~practice. Exploration. Discovery. Versatility with exceptional accessibility. Promising possibilities. Inspiring overall Line 6 quality'n'style.


Both Line 6s are under the care of a person (this guy :ph34r:) with a lot of personality issues (+ #ParanoidSchizophrenia [managed well] - I was missing that in the mix ofc.. next to general [lite?] Autism).


For any/all (longer than 1~2-3 messages/posts ofnon-Line-6 related topics/communications + 'identity verification'; feel free:



'FAQ' (perceived + Qs implied)



A1: My user-/nick-name has a personal History. Now it's more like the name 'I've received' from my parents when I was born. It helps identify me. But it doesn't describe who I am.


A2: I think I'm white (parents + color match + I'm your average chickenlollipop), long-term ex-fan of Jay Z (was during my 'teens', but I've outgrown those songs being my favorite), and I'm a sympathizer of the struggles of the average African American ('Black') human beings. But I'm over my unrelated 'hero-complex' generally.


A3: My guitar has a color, it has become my companion and it's not a human being.

It's the same color as everything is when I close my eyes, in the dark.


A4: Dear Homonyms, There are limited intentions you're needed for. Thanks for being 'yourself' anyway.



Now that's out of the way, I can focus on the rest of my many procrastinations through many (potentially controversial and a number of useless) requests and posts. I have a few long outlines that I will crystallize in a number of weeks (will take longer than I anticipated), more or less. Mostly for the time needed to go through the relevant forum sections, and time needed to get my own thoughts and things in order.

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