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  1. Whatever what you're trying to do, know that Staff have informed that using both vdi and jack outputs simultaniously ovloads the pre-amp chip of the variax that's passively cooled. So if drawing twice the signal from the same pre-amp but in analogou with active colling of post amping and then dividing the signal somehow might risk the onboard variax pre-amp-chip. From what I understand. GL.
  2. Playing Devil's advocate for a few moments: quantity, doesn't represent quality. <end-of-role/>(Edit: I forgot how taggin' works.. no lollipop..) But, I believe most of Line 6 customers were happy with most of your fixes/solutions. One doesn't have grey-hair without something in return for it, I assume you've grey-hair, since you got something in return for it.
  3. Given that there was a reason you had 2 JTVs, and that you've your justified reservations about another "brand new" JTV, also reservations about Line 6 Service Centers (at least 1 or 2 you've experience with, or specific individuals on a bad day there, or just a "cosmic joke" on all of you), I assume you're not sure how to proceed with your problem. You first wanted feedback about how you can yourself troubleshoot the malfunctioning 89F, to be sure it can't be fixed by yourself somehow. Now driven to the choice to try to have it repaired by others, or buying a new backup one, you're settling for trusting the 59P for now. Thus I assume you're not dependent on it for a living. FWIW - I "had to" return mine 6-7 times (the last one returned there on the spot [1st 6th candidate] was at the retailer personally, after I returned my 5th), before I settled with the 6th-v2/candidate2, that has a partially very dim LED lighting at the far-end of the Model-nob, as this time the only thing wrong with the JTV-89F in this case as well from the factory (aside the missed and notorious palm-muting "plink" that is being investigated for 10s if not 100s of JTV owners). The QC/Quality Control/Check on the Korean manufacturing facility (the "plink" is a more complicated issue), even though each batch has some improvement over the previous one (I noticed personally), they just can't get it close to the 99% "SLA level norm" that for instance website servers guarantee. Even just 1% failure rate over ~250,000.00 (registered forum users), 2,500.00(edited by a factor of 10) potential less than "perfect" Variaxes would leave the facility, and make a Line 6 customer (sometimes very) unhappy. Even if it's just 1% of that number, that's still 25(edited by a factor of 100, cascaded calculation error) Variaxes. Edit: which again, they never get to such a low number of problematic "brand new" Variaxes. Aggregation of many user-"complaints"/-reports proves that. Some give up on the status quo. I was stubborn. It was worth it for me, over the alternative (no flexibility, no personal experience, no experimentation, a lot more expensive separate guitars). Even just for a new hobby, as my case. But again, that's my opinion/choice. Your best bet is either a retailer where you can test the Variax you're interested in with a prepared checklist after reading through the forum, or an online retailer with flexible enough return policy listening to reason when it comes to earnest manufacturing defects/errors. Because if you're not prepared for the moment your 59P gives up on you, you'll be in a worst "place" than where you're now. Edit: that is if repairing your 89F isn't worth it for you, or is more expensive, or financially has a negligible difference. My 2cts. PS I still don't know about intonations (aside the screws for it on the Floyd Rose - left them as is from the factory), so for my hobby at this point I don't care. I raised the action to minimize string-buzz for "my style", not sure how that effected the intonation. At least I'm happy with it, and look forward to any "bonus" (firmware) improvement in the future. EDIT: calculation correction + clarity.
  4. It happens, but you might have noticed by now that you didn't read the OPs original post tentatively enough, can Line 6 still help though somehow? : With the Line 6 Variax guitars, it's not the norm that the MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure) is < 3 (way less than 3, not a heart ASCII emoji) years. Way less, because you don't rent-out the guitar for it to be used 24/7 for 3 years, nor do you have insomnia combined with workaholism for 3 years (I assume), nor are you an alien (aside Mr. Trump's "showmanship's" views on the homonyme). It's not the norm, your experience is the exception. At least, it should be. Many have their original Variax since the debut still working, electronically (DSP), so has the PCB quality degraded to trade-off costs for more processing power? If yes, then there would have been many more reports of JTV failures after the warranty period. What's important for you, is to *not* repeat the conditions that "killed" your JTV-89F DSP sound signal, otherwise you will lose your beloved 59P as well, and this is not a threat from me. The only thing from your feedback that could have resulted in the premature "death" of your 89F "emulation"/simulation sound, is perhaps a "fried", "pre-amp", or whatever chip @psarkissian has repeatedly warned about in the past, that it's not designed for "simultaneous dual output" (perhaps a costs decision), so using both the 1/4" jack/cable simultaneously with the VDI (thus also powering through the VDI) might have "killed" the chip that normally passes on (slightly amplified) signal from the DSP onto the connected cable(s - should be only 1 cable). If you've done that a lot, it might have been the culprit, but that's just speculation. Whatever "killed" your 89F, it might be interesting for you to make a deal with Line 6 to find out, to avoid "killing" your 59P. I also assume judging from your standpoint, is that the 89F is purchased from a batch before that of the 59P. Otherwise I don't understand your confidence that your 59P will outlast your 89F. If you depend on it for a living, you need answers for yourself (even if you won't pay-up for a fix), or a backup Variax. imo. EDITs: clarity.
  5. Disheartening story.. FWIW - to clarify/be sure - I assume what you meant by that you tried both with a tested fully charged battery and with the VDI, is that the "DSP sound signal" was tested with both a regular 1/4" TS or even TRS jack/cable, and the VDI; even though the Module knob LED lights up when you depress it far enough, that then still only the mags produce sound when Modelling is off, correct? From the context, at least the POD and cables are tested and still working with your 59. If true, then you'll have to take on Line 6 Support's advice, and give them - perhaps a different specific service center than last (few?) time(s) - another shot to win back your trust/"faith" in "the system" at Line 6. If something is missing in this view, I'm sure, or at least hope, that someone will point that out. Does your mag signal stop when you turn on the Modelling btw? Just curious. EDITs: Have you ever been using both the 1/4" jack and VDI cables simultaneously with that 89F? Have you been using the 89F much more often in high temperature environments? Still just curious.
  6. User-reports streaming-in, some with a lot more (technical) details: check (for a long, long time). Line 6; previously suggested workaround(s) also because couldn't reproduce the issue: check (workaround tried and/or rejected [vigoursly] by most users, since and for a long, long time). Affected "powerusers" adamant and "building-up momentum": check. Everyone brainstorming alternative views: check. Line 6; Open for a new approach: check (about 3-4 months ago?). Line 6; Found affected-guitar owner "close-proximity" collaborator: check (within past 2 months, or about a month ago). Line 6; Issue reproduced: check. Line 6; Investigating root cause: check. Line 6; Tried most up to all known possible solutions: check/in-progress (inconsistent results). Line 6; Found root cause: in-progress (balancing workload with new projects; this issue *not* dropped). Line 6; Preliminary "official" solution (not workaround): unkown. "Final solution" (not inviting Godwin's Law; I was guilty for falling in "the trap" on a different forum a long time ago): unkown. What they can't confirm nor deny, is relevance of this issue to (specific) new project(s), "read Variax Pro (HX)". Which is expected, as Line 6 is known for total secracy of new projects since "its debut", for still understandable competition related reasons. So not surprising, but it's a dissapointing reality. But still an optimistic reality-check in regard to this issue, imo. I don't know if it was "the stick or the carret" that worked here. Updated because he was provoked? Hmm.. I see what you all did there maybe. Maybe not.. (Tilt)
  7. Although that might be the general attitude of a big company, it's *not*(edited) the case all the time nor on all product series. There has been a user-report that they're working with an afflicted-guitar owner (in the USA), to isolate the cause(s). If you missed that, or by the time it took everyone to get this far, leading to become sceptical or even cynical about anything Line6 might claim, then that could explain the effort to help everyone to stop daydreaming about this issue. From a "technical standpoint", if the other "rumor" is true that a Variax Pro (HX) is on the way, then making sure this issue doesn't "propogate" to the (manufacturing of) "Pro" versions, would be a priority. A priority that could help everyone get "closure", at least. EDITS: clarity. (Tablet typing is lollipop) And to "add more to the facts", it has been *barely* 2 (two) months since Line 6 "officially announced their commitment" to this issue: (note: the quotes above and below here doesn't imply cause-and-effect, it's at least the "chronological order of events" read timestamps) I just noticed that with this post, I've crossed the line between 99 and 100; thereby I've been "officially christened by Line 6", and now "Iknowathingortwo" hilarious xD
  8. "Remember, today is April 1..." On the otherhand, for real (also just for fun): Mi.Mu/MiMu "Air-Guitar proof of concept" by Kris Halpin
  9. FWP ('Law') occurrences might replace Godwin's Law. Except if it's a 3rd World oriented topic; current Line 6 equipment are irrelevant in that regard. I can't switch tuning, tones and settings with a single footswitch.. help me..
  10. 5 approaches, with overlaping and a few very differing demographics:
  11. You misread. See details why: BT =//= Remote app.
  12. That was the adapter that I linked to, with which I found to begin with, so originally from the vguitarforums user sellingthe adapter for 200$ including shipping, in mint condition, while new with the cheapest shipping option internationally is about 300$. The thread now includes Elantric's feedback as I pointed out earlier: And someone is looking for someone else to build a home-made RackVax with the adapter:
  13. What firmware version will you use in the meantime? Until a relevant development to this issue occures. Did you see their adapter approach mentioning JTV? In my earlier post? Could what you said (discontinued 500 and 700 new parts) be the reason they changed their approach? They still sell the new adapter, while they show the RackVax Electric as unavailable or something. It doesn't seem on the outside by the look of their site that the company itself is dead yet, but not much is updated to clarify what is happening or what to expect exactly. Does their introduction of the adapter also for the JTV means they won't do custom racks anymore but just didn't update the page to retract their quota request form? Or not JTV ones? Or can't without someone's Variax "guts" (Line 6 won't sell "guts" for OEMs?)? Or the RackVax company just won't build custom racks because of less demand for an expensive thing while many are happy with the new Variax guitars themselves and don't need to stick to a different guitar? Or is the GK support degrading the sound (they didn't get it right?)? Did someone contact them? I'm just curious. Edit: clarity. Edit2: Elantric lit some light on what's up with RackVax LLC, which I annotated: And about the lost opportunity by taking too long to start and release the product:
  14. Have you tried the v1.9 fw with a gauge .52 string6? Leaving the other strings as they are.Is there anything you would miss about v2.x? Edit: clarity.
  15. If I say something immature and unforgivable now, you and other moderator-like powers (pinned topics, etc) won't use your privliges to put someone behaving like that in line? Babysitting? I don't know much about conflict resolution, I want to feel like I do, but calling the process of understanding a user that didn't register for the sole purpose of abuse, for the sole purpose of trolling, or even for the sole purpose of pissing someone off, surely the process of understanding that customer, or potential customer, surely that process should not be oversimplified to the comparison of dealing with the limits of the cognitive capacities of a newborn. I do appreciate your input. Since I'm still new. I hate the fact that I don't know the specifics of the Poll abuse. But that's also my problem. Edit: spelling.
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