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  1. Nothing Worked, reinstalled Windows with new HD, tried all USB (including a powered hub as per the guide). Tested on 3 systems with 3 different windows versions (7, 8 and 10), all driver combinations, 5 different high quality USB and mono cables (That work well with my other equipment). Line 6 monkey says drivers and USB firmware are all OK. no errors in device managers, no power issues on my USB ports. I am going mad trying to figure this out. All ASIO4all settings combinations. 3 different DAWs. I sunk a lot of money in peripherals just to use my card again. I really loved the Toneport UX2 and would not want to part ways with it.
  2. Hello! I've had a Line 6 Toneport UX2 for a couple of years now. Recently I got a new desktop PC running windows 10. When i connect my toneport all I can hear coming from the outputs and the phones output is a loud hissing noise. Drivers are all up to date, line 6 monkey shows me all green ticks, asio drivers are all ok. the input vu-meter is always at maximum even though nothing is connected to it. no input signal, no output sound (except for the loud hiss.) Running it in a usb 2.0 on the motherboard (so no usb dongle or something like that). Tried it with all ports, a couple of different usb cables. I've also tried seeing if my PC's output voltage was the problem but everything is ok, no overclocking done. I'm running out of ideas. Could anyone help me with this?
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