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  1. I’m not familiar with Idea Scale. I had a look at their web site, but all I saw was promotion for some sort of “platform.” There are other forums I can post to, but I thought I’d start with the one consumers might search before going to the ones where I will be subjected to a hundred variations of Comic Book Guy telling me I’m doing it wrong.
  2. Yep. I wasn't expecting Cicadas, but I expected more than Crickets. Jiminy... I'm not sure if the forum is dead, or general interest in the Variax is dead, but I wasn't prepared for a complete lack of interest after years of people asking about lefties.
  3. Hi All, As someone who wants his own modern lefty Variax guitar, but finds the 'handmade' Tyler models both too expensive and unattractive, I have sourced a builder who will build me a left handed version of the Variax Standard body & pickguard. I have already sent them a right handed sample for measurements, including the minor modifications to allow the electronics to fit in a mirror image body. This will allow the transfer of all parts and the neck from a donor right-handed Standard. Of course they won't do all of that CNC programming for one body, so I'll be running a half dozen to start with. I'd like to know if anyone else is seriously interested in having the closest they will get to a modern factory lefty Variax? (And of course I know this conversion voids the warranty on a new instrument. I personally picked up a couple of clean used right handed ones as donors to start the project.) So, who's interested? Pricing is not set yet, and will depend on the buyer's desired finish. What would you expect and be willing to pay for one, with all of the factory included accessories, shipped to your door in the body and pickguard color of your choice? Thanks in advance for your input. Scott Route 66 Guitars
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