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  1. Wouldn't that mean you're putting a preamp through a preamp? What kind of power amp should I be looking at? I mean, I'm not looking to break the bank or anything, but I'd also rather avoid cheap quality crap too. Also, if I were to connect it to the power amp+guitar cab, would signal still flow out from the Digital Out output so I can record and monitor through the cab at the same time?
  2. Hey all. So instead of using my usual headphone setup, I was wondering about connecting this to a cab? I have a guitar cab that I haven't used in ages. How do I go about using my Pod with the cab because I know you can't just plug it in...or can you? I don't know. 2nd question. Because of the El Capitan driver issue, I opted to buy a s/pdif cable and use that to record my pod to my interface, which thankfully has a digital in input. Once Line 6 gets the driver working for El Capitan, would there be any benefits to recording via the USB input versus sticking with the s/pdif connection? So far I haven't noticed anything different.
  3. Hey all. So I've got a 6 channel interface. I use all 6 inputs for drums. Would I be able to utilize the S/pdif connections on both my interface and the pod? What input, in logic, would I have to pick in order to record what my Pod is sending through the s/pdif?
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