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  1. Ok, will have to look at that tomorrow. But still, if i didn't do the actions you are mentioning, still i need to be able to import (new) ir's. True?
  2. Hi to all, long time i've been here, but hey, if it works, it works. So i just updated the latest one. Everything works fine, except i'm not able to import my ir's anymore. I exported the ir's, and i see (after importing) that it is importing, but the slots remain on empty. Anyone that can help me?
  3. Understand, but i was happy with only 1 cable on the stage. (From the Helix to the L3T speaker.) And with the fx loops i need 2 extra cables, where for the Banshee 2 i only need 1 cable (input) as it has a built in amplifier. So i guess the answer on my question is : No, there's no global setting to change the input for all presets.
  4. The G10 has 2 outputs : 1 jack and and xlr balanced. I like to use my Rocktron Banshee during live performences. With the G10 i use the jack output to my Banshee, so i can use the xlr via the mic input on the Helix. So therefore i was wondering, can i change the input of all patches iso per patch.
  5. Or you can change the mode i guess. In 1 situation you're in the preset, in the other mode you're in the snapshots.
  6. Greetings to all on this great forum. I have bought the Relay G10 and i'm using it via the balanced "Mic in". I need to change every preset's input. Is there a possibility to change that via the "global settings" menu? The great thing about it, is that via the normal jack out on the G10, i can use my Rocktron Banshee 2 also with the Helix (although it's signal not going through the Helix, but through the relay G10) Hope someone can help me. Ruud
  7. Hi to all, Just received my helix last Saturday and happy with it. Much more user friendly than my Kemper. But here's the question : Is it possible to put more blocks with fx on 1 footswitch? F.e. I mostly use a delay only with my leadsound. So 1 press to switch boost and delay on simultaneously. And 1 step further: if I use my leadsound I hate reverb, so maybe with the same switch turn it of, when the other 2 go on, and vice versa. Let me know your thoughts. Ruud
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