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  1. Thanks for the suggestion! I have 3 different switches set to momentary, and it has happened on all of them at one time or the other.
  2. I am experiencing this issue as well. I have momentary switching set for 3 note generators so I can play synth notes/chords with my feet, but occasionally (I estimate 1 out of every 20 times) the momentary will get stuck on. Stepping on the switch does nothing, the only way to turn it off is to change to presets or turn the helix off/on. It doesn't matter if I have shoes on or not. Last time it happened was in the middle of a gig...
  3. LOL! I like yams. I should say that was their second answer. Their first response was that the attack time was too slow for the swell delays to detect it, but I set the attack to the minimum value and still got nothing. Then they came back with this about the EQ filtering.
  4. Well, I'm disappointed. The official word from Line 6 support is this: "The swell delays have various EQ filters built into them to be more efficient when placed after guitar signals. Unfortunately some of the tones you're generating are outside of the range and being omitted." It would be nice if the built in EQ filters were only applied if the input for the the path was set to Guitar. I really don't understand how the notes in the 3NG blocks are outside the range, since they are all playable notes on a guitar.
  5. Thanks so much for the in depth testing! You have confirmed that I am not going crazy. I really appreciate all the time and effort you put into it. I am going to contact support and raise this as an issue.
  6. Your preset works for me, mine (attached) still does not. Test3NoteGenSwell.hlx EDIT - I only wanted one note out of the 3 Note generator, so I set the OSC2 and OSC3 level to 0. That seems to be the issue. If I turn OSC2 level > 0, it works. However, if I turn OSC1 level = 0 and OSC2 level > 0, it stops working again. It also appears that OSC1 and OSC2 have to be set to different notes at different octaves.
  7. Thanks! I will try it out. I'll also try to upload my preset later.
  8. I have a 3 Note Generator synth block set to momentary switching and I've tried placing either an Autoswell, Adriatic Swell (stereo), or Vintage Swell (stereo) block after it and I get no output, regardless of any parameter changes in the swell blocks. However, placing the legacy Auto-Volume Echo after it does produce an output signal. Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug? Has anyone else experienced this? I'm on firmware v2.7. Thanks!
  9. Upvoted! Would really love to see the DSP limit removed for Native.
  10. I am experiencing the same issue (noise when plugging the Helix into an amplifier and the USB on my desktop computer). I found that putting a Noise Gate block after the FX Loop block going to the amp helps reduce the noise in my situation.
  11. EDIT: *** SOLVED - See below *** I am experiencing the same issue. I have a Helix Floor unit, and I have presets in it that sound good to me when they are played through headphones, PAs, or even recorded or monitored in Audacity on my PC connected via USB. I downloaded Helix Native, loaded it into Reaper, and imported those same presets into Native. I am connecting my guitar to the Helix Floor and using it as the audio interface to my PC via an empty patch. Clean tones sound the same in Helix Native in Reaper, but the dirty, distorted tones sound harsh and buzzy. They do not sound anything like the patches on my floor unit. I've got to be doing something wrong. Any insights would be most helpful. Thanks! EDIT: Resolution - the presets I imported from my floor unit used Impulse Responses (IRs), however when I imported the presets into Native, I DID NOT IMPORT the IRs, so I had IR blocks that were in my signal chain that were empty. Lesson learned - you must import your Impulse Responses separately from your presets and make sure they are properly assigned in the blocks.
  12. Make sure you didn't accidentally change the Hz setting on the tuner. It should be 440hz. My cat sat on my Helix once when I had it in Tuner mode and changed it to 446hz. Band practice that week was... interesting.
  13. I would love the option to have a 10 snapshot mode, similar to the 10 stomp switches mode.
  14. I have a question regarding stereo and mono behavior while using multiple outputs. I am using both the left and right XLR Outs on the back of the helix to go into a mixer to record during practices. I am also using the Left/Mono 1/4" Out on the back to go into an amplifier for monitoring. Will the Helix: send mono to my amplifier (1/4" L) and stereo to the mixer (L/R XLR), or will it send only mono to both the XLR and 1/4" outs, or will it send only the left to the 1/4" and stereo to the XLR? Thanks in advance! All the best, Dave
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