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  1. I think the fact that these aren't sold directly by line 6 for the few pounds that they must cost to make, encourages owners to keep them even if they're getting rid of the guitar, they can then sell them on and make a good profit as they're so hard to come by. I don't know why replacements can't be sold on the line 6 store, these are always going missing from what I've read and aren't something you need every day really. The guy I bought my JTV 69 from said he had no need for it as he controlled workbench through an FX unit and didn't ever feel the need to update the guitars software. I saw one sell for £53 on eBay today - used. I couldn't believe it. Line 6 should flood the market with these and make them cheap, this would prevent profiteers and make it much easier for people like me, who couldn't afford to buy a brand new Variax, but who saved for a second-hand one, to get one and enjoy the full JTV and workbench experience. Come on line 6 sort this out and make these cheaply available to Variax owners!
  2. I have the same issue - I'm buying a used JTV 69 today but it doesn't have the USB thing to attach it to workbench. All the dealers seem to be 'out of stock' and given the price I'm paying for my used variax after i buy the the USB to update it I may as well buy a brand new one that includes the USB!! Does anyone have any bright ideas - or should I just wait for another JTV Variax to come on sale which includes the USB dongle??
  3. Ok thanks for the advice - that's really helpful. Do you know if the older clear plastic hub works ok for the JTV 69s? I spoke to the guy selling and he's never updated the guitar as it didn't come with this connection. He's also unfortunately not got the paperwork/receipt for the guitar after a messy divorce, so I can't go to Line 6 and ask for a replacement. Anyone know where I can get one from? I can't see them on the Line 6 store? I guess the alternatve would be to try to find someone locally (South Manchester/Cheshire - Anyone???) who has a line 6 guitar and see if I could borrow the USB hub just to update my new guitar - but this isn't ideal. Anyone out there got a spare??
  4. I'm a newbie to JTV and my guitar is missing the USB dongle that it should have come with. The guy I'm buying it from has no paperwork for the guitar so I can't contact Line 6 for a free replacement - he says it never came with one when he bought it new. Does anyone know where I can get one please - I can't find them on for sale on the Line 6 shop site? Is there anyone out there in the South Manchester/Cheshire area who has one I could borrow even - just to update the firmward...

  5. Hello there - this is my first post as I'm picking up my JTV tomorrow (very excited). I need advice please. I asked the guy i'm buying it from if it includes everything and it apparently didn't come with a USB interface dongle thing when he got it new. Do you guys think this will cause me problems? Are they hard to get hold of (cheap ideally) and how often do you update your patches? Are the standard ones enough (I figure they should be) or are more important updates needed meaning I need this sub dongle? Please advise ASAP. Cheers S
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