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  1. Has anyone run up against this issue?... I lost my Variax USB Interface Device and contacted Line 6. Was told they do not sell the device directly, and gave me links to dealer sites. All dealer sites are selling the Interface Device ONLY along with the Workbench software... for a "mere" $100. ARE YOU KIDDING ME??!!!? Come on Line 6, you make a wonderful product, but this is ridiculous! Anyone else run in to this or similar issue? Anyone know where I can buy just the USB Interface Device... FOR A REASONABLE PRICE??
  2. Is anyone else having trouble with using the Pod XT Live with the new Variax HD update? I just updated, sounds great, directly to amp, however when I run through my XT, the variax setting does not seem to work. Anyone? Such could use some help.
  3. Are there others who have upgraded to Variax HD and are using older Pods? I'm using Pod XT Live and line 6 edit software and the area where you set the Variax model no longer seems to work. Please help? Anyone?
  4. Updated HD and workbench with no trouble, made my first customs on Custom 2. Now trying to use my Pod XT live. It's not responding to when I change the Variax settings. I'm using Line 6 edit. Should I be using something else now that I've updated?
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