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  1. There are a few IdeaScale suggestions to address patch reverb and delay tails carrying over between patches, but that seems a bit unlikely. An easier solution is to set up everything you want for a song on a patch and switch bits in and out as needed. I wouldn't expect anyone to need much more flexibilty than you could get that way, at least not in any single song.
  2. Cool video. Thanks for sharing!
  3. I just submitted an idea to make the expression pedal scribble strip able to show the current CC data from the expression pedal. This would make it way easier to manage live volume, especially if you do fades in and out. This would be huge for anyone who plays in a live situation without a very competent person at the sound board (like most churches). http://line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/Display-CC-value-of-Expression-Pedal/788250-23508 Thanks!
  4. The prevailing theory on another thread for some of the effects is that 0% is fully one source and 100% is fully the polarity modulated source so the maximum blend of the two (and maximum depth/blend/etc) is 50%.
  5. I noticed that you don't have any Meet the Helix in Person events in or anywhere near Kansas City, but there are a lot of potential customers here. There are strong music markets in Kansas City, Omaha, Des Moines, and St. Louis. I would like to officially volunteer to facilitate similar events in and around KC. All I'll need is an official-looking men's XL Line6 polo shirt and a helix or two. ;)
  6. Happy to hear that the solo boosting on your rhythm patches worked out well! As for the "Drive" nitpicking, sorry if I sounded harsh. It actually is a really good thing if they have managed to capture the vibe without the fiddly inputs of the real thing. I'm glad that the Dual Rec model is sounds good for you in multiple gain situations besides just balls-to-the-wall high gain stuff--the real things really are brilliantly versatile (as @jar1zx also pointed out) and surprisingly capable as clean amps and as just-beginning-to-breakup amps. Cheers!
  7. My decade-old Boss GT-8 does delay and reverb tails between patches, but it's a nighmare to set up; a classy alternative that isn't a nightmare to implement is a boosted Solo setting for each amp patch that works nicely. I would think the easiest and best solution on the Helix would be to add a boost and/or an alternate amp into whatever patches you plan to solo from, so your tails would be intact when you switch those bits off. As someone who owns a boogie rectifier, I can say with certainty this post is proof that Line6 did not model the exact knobs and knob behavior of a boogie rectifier. Anyone that has read a rectifier manual will tell you that A) there is no "Drive" knob, and that B) diming the Gain results in unusable garbage. Mesa amps are tricky to get really great tone out of because the knobs all impact the tone differently than on, say Marshall or Fender amps, due to how Mesas are wired. This is not a criticism of Helix designers; good on 'em if they've made it easy to dial in great Recto tone. Just calling out some marketing nonsense. Thanks, bieb, for the first impressions. It sounds like your usage scenario is pretty similar to how I'll mostly be using it. Really excited about this!
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