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  1. Thanks for the quick reply. I've tried the 4 different options in Line 6 Audio Midi set up - processed guitar, re-amped etc. - but still the same problem. I'm not getting any clipping on the POD XT Monitor Level in there. I've got the output mode on the XTL set to Studio Direct. Also, I forgot to mention, the signal level on Inputs 1 and 2 in Logic (where the XTL comes in) are very, very low, like hardly anything showing on the meters. Channel volume on the XTL is set to full, as is the level control on the back of the device. I know the USB cable is OK, I've tested it with other things. It sounds like something's overloading but I can't tell where, which is weird that there's hardly any signal getting to Logic. Any ideas? Thanks again.
  2. Hi, Searched before posting, couldn't find an answer so maybe someone can help. I have my XT Live connected by USB to my iMac running Snow Leopard, my monitor speakers are connected directly to the XT LIve outputs. I have my sound settings to use the XT Live as my audio output device. When I play through the XT, the sound is fine. When I hit the record button in Logic, I get really bad noise/distortion, which I also get when I play back the piece I recorded. If I change to using the built in speakers, the piece I just played doesn't have the noise, so this is definitely being generated somewhere between the computer and the XT. I have updated the all drivers for the XT, and also did a factory reset. Still the same problem. I've changed whatever various settings I can in both Mac Audio/MIDI Setup, Gearbox (record level) and the Line 6 Audio/MIDI settings in System Preferences etc. One thing I have noticed is that even though I can record into Logic, the level meters hardly move, I'm getting a very low signal - any idea why? Would really appreciate any help with this. Thanks
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