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  1. not sure if you have this solved by now, but Im using Podstudio UX1 with W10. I think Line6 needed a little time to get the drivers updated to work with windows 10. Mine has been working since I downloaded and updated the drivers through Line Monkey which directed me to the website. By the way, I couldnt be happier with Mixcraft Pro 7. I've been using it and learning as I go, without no issues at all. Great program for newbies, and maybe great for experienced users as well. Im new to this, but having fun with it!
  2. Thanks for the replies.... as I was saying this is all new to me, getting my feet wet on this software. After reading reviews, watching a few videos and seeing a special for Mixcraft 7 Pro Studio , I purchased this software and am very happy. They had this on special for $109.00 during the holidays I couldnt pass up the deal and Im satisfied with the software. It has many tutorial videos, and so far seems to be very supportive. As I was saying, there might be better or more professional software out there Im sure, but Im not in the recording business, but I'm having fun and this software didnt give me nearly the problems that Reason or Cubase was giving me. Thanks again - Triryche very helpful info you provided.
  3. Not supportive as in sending me to the Cubase website to seek answers. I am looking for guidance on the connection of a Line6 product with Cubase. Triryche sent me some helpful info and direction - Im hoping someone else on this site has more input. In the meantime, I search. Thanks
  4. I've been to the Cubase website and forums and Yes, I know that Cubase is not a Line 6 product (which is irrelevant) and not a very supportive answer. Maybe your not aware, but Line 6 obviously worked with Steinberg to offer Cubase with the purchase of certain Line 6 products. Since this was the case, I thought that Line 6 would offer some type of support on how their product integrated with Cubase. I've been searching... I'm wore out. I just thought someone would have seen a link or video they could direct me to. If I was more experienced in recording with this type of software I might be able to figure it out on my own. I was just looking for a little guidance. If anyone has some experience with Cubase and Podfarm Line 6 UX1 or 2 please hit me up.
  5. Ok, After reviewing these videos ( I already viewed them once, but reviewed again in case I missed something) still unable to get the jest of operating Cubase. seems to me that since Line6/Cubase offered the free software they would be kind enough to put together some type of 'quick start' video for consumers. Yes, Im new so theres going to be a learning curve, but a video showing how to setup, walkthru a basic recording using the Line6 device (s) would be great and also eliminate quite a few questions and time involved for everyone. I appreciate your guidance, but Im still 'in search of' some type of walk thru video...if one exists. I'd be willing to pay for a small tutorial from someone. :-) All that being said...I love the Line6 UX device, and the recording software 'seems' powerful. I just want to be able to use and operate it on a basic level and learn from there. I'll keep searching.......if anyone has come across or made a video, I'd really appreciate the link! Thanks again, sorry to be so winded, but this searching and coming up with nothing gets aggravating and time consuming!! grrrrrr
  6. Thanks for pointing me in a direction Triryche! I'll start here and report back with any 'new' questions. Which do you suggest for a newbie learning to record Reason Limited or Cubase LE8 - both came with the UX1 purchase
  7. I upgraded to W10 and had no issues. I would suggest opening line monkey and downloading the latest drivers. I think there was an updated driver for W10 on the Line6 website. Line Monkey should direct you to everything you need.. Gluck!
  8. saw the Cubase post and was having issues getting the program to record my guitar. If you guys can help me out I'd appreciate it! I've been doing more searching than playing..... Thanks in advance - Robistro
  9. Hello, information overload. Been searching more than learning so I was hoping someone could point me to a direct link. New to recording with these powerful programs and if someone could direct me to a link or links to get me started would be great. A recording tutorial 101 with Cubase would be great help. Cubase LE8 was free with purchase of UX1 so I attempted this program first, but could not get it to record my instrument (Guitar) Reason Limited- I did get it to record my instrument (Guitar) but need to 'play' around with it some more to be able to edit, cut etc with my recordings. Cubase seems like a more powerful program with more options but I cant get it to record. Thanks in advance. Rock ON!
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