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  1. I was having a similar problem with my 5150III. Changing the command type to bank/program vs midi cc was what solved the problem for me. I hope this helps.
  2. The 5150III uses momentary switching, so it is not compatible. Fortunately, the MIDI switching works quite well.
  3. You can accomplish this by connecting a MIDI cable to the Helix and your amp. However, the onboard channel switching of the Helix will not work with the 5150III.
  4. It took me forever to figure out, but then again I'm not that experienced with MIDI. Here's what you need to do: Within the desired preset, enter the command center and select three switches to assign MIDI commands. The command that you will need to assign to each switch is "Bank/Program" For each switch enter these values: MIDI Ch=Base, Bank CC00=off, Bank CC32=off, Program=0 (for switch 1), 1 (for switch 2), and 2 (for switch 3) Save your preset with these settings Place the 5150 III is learning mode by pressing and releasing both of the channel select buttons on the amp at the same time. The lights should start to flash. Press switch 1 on the Helix to send the MIDI command to the amp. Select the green channel on the amp then take the amp out of learning mode by pressing and releasing both channel buttons. Repeat the previous two steps for the other two switches, assigning one to the blue channel and the other to the red channel. Once these values are set, you can assign this command within any preset by simply entering in these value. There will be no need to place the amp in learning mode once these values are assigned. I hope this helps. If you have any questions, let me know.
  5. After several hours, I figured in out on my own. I was using the wrong MIDI command. It needs to be a bank/program message to work.
  6. Does anyone know how to set up the Helix so it will change channels on the 5153 in stomp mode? It changes just fine when switching presets, but it will not change when using stomp mode and the command center to set up a MIDI command. Thanks for any help that you may have to offer.
  7. Have you by chance tried assigning your Wah to a different footswitch? This would for sure tell you it the problem is toe switch specific. Does it cut out with all Wah models, or do you always use the same one? Have you tried creating a simple mono patch with only an amp and Wah to see if it happens there?
  8. Yeah I noticed a guy on another thread found one at a store this week. I don't get how they can justify sending them out to the stores with so many people on backorder for so long.
  9. Well after being told on Wed that my order would not ship until 1/9, my Helix is being shipped TODAY!!! I'm so excited that I can't contain myself!!!
  10. Does anyone else on here have an order in with zzounds? I placed my order on 11/2 and was told originally 11/20, then 12/12, and now was told yesterday 1/9. They're telling me that they received a small shipment in around 12/1, and they don't expect to see another shipment until 1/9. I can't begin to understand how that is even possible. They're a "Certified Helix Dealer", for what that's worth, and they don't expect to see a single unit delivered to their warehouse for over five weeks? Something seems really wrong with that, especially when I've seen reports of other much smaller retailers with units in stock. The most frustrating thing is that I know that I have to be up at the top of the backorder list, but that does me no good if they aren't getting any deliveries.
  11. I hear ya. I can handle a wait, but I can't handle thinking my wait is over and having it extended another 5 weeks.
  12. Well you would think that would be a good sign. I called for an update on mine today and was told 1/9 now. I placed my order on 11/2, and it's been moved twice on me now. They told me that they received a very small order around the 1st of the month and have been told by Line 6 that they aren't getting another shipment until 1/9.
  13. I'm kind of committed to the cause at this point. I sold off some gear to fund the purchase, so it's not just a matter of not wanting to wait... not that wanting it sooner is not a part of it too.
  14. Seems to be about a 6 week wait from order to shipment based on what others have said so far...unless you're lucky enough to find one in stock somewhere. It's almost 6 weeks for me now, so I'm hoping to have it before Xmas.
  15. That's awesome! Congrats on the Helix. I can't wait to get mine.
  16. Completely off topic here, so I apologize...where did you order from that you were able to get a Helix within 5 days?
  17. I ordered 11/2. Zzounds told me prob 12/12 a few days ago. Hopefully that's true. Glad to hear that yours is being shipped.
  18. My zzounds order still says backordered. When did you order?
  19. Good to hear. Although I had no intention of changing my mind about Helix, I was worried about having to wait even longer to get it.
  20. Interesting information. This would obviously explain the delay, but I'm still confused why the MF and GC dates are still so far off. They are the same company shipping from the same warehouse. Also, Sweetwater now says arriving soon on their site instead of worth the wait, and AMS says 12/11. So is everyone except MF misinformed, or are they all shipping defective units? If this is true, I certainly understand why L6 would not want to share it with everybody. They could have easily said that they were having production issues though. Now not only do we not know when it's coming, but we get to hope that there's not a "QC problem" when it arrives. Please make some sort of statement on this, L6.
  21. Yes to that. I should have said that it's the most excited that I've been about getting a NEW piece of gear. I've never been one for amp modeling in the past (or anything other than a tube amp), and I actually stumbled across the Helix quite by accident. I had purchased an HD500X for the effects and MIDI capabilities with absolutely no desire to use the modeling. I was using it with the 4CM and my 5150 III and was happy with the results. I learned about the Helix about a week after I had it, but I was shocked by the price. On a whim, I watched some YouTube videos on it. Needless to say, the HD500X went back immediately, and I placed an order for the Helix. If the Helix sounds as good as what I've heard and what I've read, it's going to completely change everything on my current rig. I still plan to use it with my amp, but it will cover any tone that my amp does not do well. That coupled with it's amazing effects, UI, and control capabilities has got me extremely stoked to get it. I've never preordered or ordered anything not in stock before, but I made the exception here because I think that the Helix is going to be that good. Now if we can just get Line 6 and the retailers to communicate with one another and us, none of us will have to be upset when our orders are not shipped on the "expected shipment dates".
  22. That's really unfortunate that MF is not able to correct a mistake that is clearly their error. I have to think that they should be able to get you one before 1/11 though. They've probably just finally figured out that they need to be very conservative with their estimates based upon past shipments of the Helix. I was just told that mine is delayed too, so I know the least with the delays not caused by blatant mistakes. I completely agree with you that Line 6 needs to be providing better communication to the retailers. They are all missing their estimated dates, which shows that their orders are not being fulfilled as they are being told. I just keep telling myself how amazing the Helix is going to be. I've seriously never been so excited for a piece of gear...and I've been playing for 30 years.
  23. None of the retailers seem to have any clue when to expect them. I don't get how the MF and GC dates are so far apart though. It's understandable that Line 6 underestimated initial demand for the Helix, especially given the huge difference in price in relation to previous products. It's been available for two months though, so I guess I don't quite understand why more accurate availability dates can't be passed along to consumers when ordering.
  24. Glad you received yours. They told me today that I'm looking at Dec 12 now. Not sure why it keeps changing, but I'll get it eventually. I just wish they would have given me a realistic date when I ordered.
  25. I ordered from zzounds about a month ago and was told when I ordered that mine would ship on 11/20. I called them on Monday, and they told me that they had two shipments due on the with 25 and one with 37 (I think). According to the rep I spoke with, the shipment with 25 had already been allocated but the other one had not. He didn't seem to know whether that meant that they hadn't come in yet or that they simply hadn't processed them yet. He seemed to think that mine should be shipped by the end of the week. The zzounds site just says coming soon, but I noticed that the AMS site says Dec 11 now. As tough as it is to wait, I really just want to know when to expect it.
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