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  1. sparqk

    Somebody want to clone this tone?

    i think Glen Delaune hits the mark on this one.go look at his stuff
  2. sparqk

    Part 3 in the series on the Helix now uploaded

    Thank you for your time and energy, much appreciated. Going to get these patches going
  3. sparqk

    2204 with T75. Sounds great.

    Does sound good. What guitar and what other setting did you have
  4. sparqk

    Latency between patch switching is unbearable

    100% agree
  5. sparqk

    Very disappointed.

    just out of curiosity, how does David Gillmore manage to play a whole song without these issues of lag-time? It might be worthwhile to look at how his signal chain was put together, which should be pretty easy to duplicate with a pedal 30+ years more advanced than what he was using. I think we should be playing to our limitations, rather than being frustrated over technology that isn't available yet.
  6. sparqk

    Helix Firmware v1.01.2

    I had to download driver version before the updater would recognize my Helix. It's not listed as firmware but as a driver in there download site
  7. sparqk

    Can't find Helix anywhere in Canada

    I ordered mine Dec 12 from Long & Mcqade. It was delivered to my doorstep in Nanaimo by Jan 18.
  8. sparqk

    Using HELIX Looper 'live '

    Thanks. I was just messing around with the looper, couldn't figure out how to change patches. Perfect timing, I'll give this a try.