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  1. After long time fighting with bsod, I've found a way to fix it. No need to throw bricks at me, but it can work in your case too. All that you need is to download asio4fall v2 latest version and use it instead line 6 asio driver. No latency or cranking sound issue detected - everything great, no bsod around 2 hours or even more.
  2. Okay, that's a point. Thank you very much
  3. Ok pal. First post was rage for line 6 company. Not for community. And I wrote about that. Sorry if anyone got insulted by that. Before shouting i've tried literally everything, what I can really find as a solution ( installed Last version drivers, and etc). It's continues to show bsod after 15-30 minutes. l6podhd564.sys - causing crashes more often than the others. I Do not have an opportunity to buy a Mac, sadly. If anyone have a 100% perfect solution to fix that, it Will be appretiated greatly. And again, sorry If anyone but line 6 company got insulted. My cfg is win 10, ryzen 3500 w vega 8, using reaper as DAW.
  4. If you are so smart and great, can you give a link please?
  5. No more. Just no more. I f*cking tired of this. Brand New laptop with win 10= blue screen of death. I tried literally everything, Just everything. And it goes to bsod again and again. Really? When i bought it i thought it's a dream machine. Now i see, that it is a piece of garbage. Dear line 6 support, i hope when you die, and you want to go to the heaven, you ll see bsod every f*cking time, when you try to do so. And i hope your company will vanish into dust for such sh*tty customer service. I'll switch to another interface, because i want to make music, not lollipop with settings, drivers, and all sh*t! Best community, f*cked corporation.
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