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  1. I've ordered a StageSource ... Just because the no-amp setting is not so good. The 4CM should be better but my JCM800 has not any fx loop ... So it's not possible for me ! Finger crossed until the unit is not at home ;-)
  2. I love it : you just confirm what I thought. I was the kind of guy always swearing "old analogic gear" is the true way ;-) But now, maybe with the age, I want to test myself and see if my new priorities feet with this kind of gear. I'm looking for something versatile, easy to carry, plug and play. I want to get the same sound at home, at the rehearsing studio, and live .... so the couple "firehawk + PA System" seems to be the perfect deal. (I can't sell my 2 pedalboards and my 2 full tube amps : Marshall JCM800 4010 + Fender Deluxe Reverb .... but I'm sure I'll find a way to use them in other way in the future). Thank you all for advices and feedback and sorry for my poor english (I'm from Paris).
  3. Thank you very much for your quick answer SilverHead ! I'll make my feedback when I'll get the L2T :rolleyes:
  4. Hi, Looking at the back panel of th stagesource we can see : - Input : 1 XLR Female + RCA - Output : 2 XLR Male - The L6 Link : with one male and one female xlr So the the best way to use the StageSource (at home or little gigs to use the StageSource as an amp) is : Guitar > Firehawk (XLR Outpouts) > StageSource (using XLR input) To play a bigger gigs with sound system or in rehearsal studio the configuration "should be" : Guitar > Firehawk > Mixing Console > StageSource Do you confirm that ?? Currently unpleased with the Firehawk with my old JCM (with no fx loop for the 4CM), I'm trying to understand how I should use properly the stagesource with on multiple situation : - Home practicing / little gigs without mixing console and backline speakers : the L2T take the role of an amp - Bigger gigs / concerts with backline speakers : the L2T take the role of personal monitor OR additional backline speaker Do you confirm that too ? Thanks in advance for your feedback. EdDy
  5. Hi, I've bought mine few days ago and my first impressions are: - "user experience" in editing tones is great and easy - get patchs from "the cloud" is easy - Effect seems great but I did not passed a long time on it But : At home I play with my amp : combo Marshall JCM800 so: the mix "amp modeled" from the device on the naturally mono-crunched-channel from the JCM is not wonderful. Moreover there's a difference of tone between : only the JCM and the Firehawk dry (without any amp modeled and / or any effect activated) i'm still trying to manage the situation : I'm searching the setting to plug the Firehawk and here my JCM when there is not amp modeled or effect activated. >> I've done the test with an A/B box. My best result is on a blank patch, with no amp modeled and effect activated and with all buttons turned to 0. I'll try it with my headphones, maybe it's the best way for that kind of use. BUT, I purchased the firehawk to play in rehearsal studio for not carrying my pedalboard. So I'll try the device direclty in the mix console to give you my feedback. EdDy
  6. Hi, I took this one : http://www.bax-shop.fr/line-6-etui-pour-pod-hd500.html#prettyPhoto It fit perfectly and the Firehawk is fine in it. EdDy
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