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  1. Raszack

    Cannot buy Helix Native

    So I have been trying out Native and decided to go for it when the discount showed up. But I can't for the life of me complete the process. When I click on Proceed to Checkout I end up on the Personal Info page of my account. Every required field is filled out, no error message or explanation. Any suggestions?
  2. Raszack

    Getting enough gain for acoustic

    The returns should be fine, just set it to instrument level.
  3. Raszack

    What happened to the topic - where's the love?

    Didnt see that topic, but we generally have great consumer protection in the EU. 2 years by law.
  4. Raszack

    MXR Studio Compressor in the Effects Loop not working

    Make sure the loop is set to instrument level.
  5. Raszack

    Marshall amp question

    There is no JMP-1 model, but the JCM800 or the modded version should get you close.
  6. Raszack

    I'm an idiot... I backed up the whole bundle

    Bummer ;) You get the factory presets back by performing a reset - holding down the two middle footswitches on the lower row. Just backup your own presets first, then reset and finally import your own presets.
  7. Raszack

    helix 2,01 application text ghosting - looks bad

    Well, laptops suck when it comes to supporting advanced graphics. Win7 is not to blame, its a decent OS. Would you mind running DxDiag? Just press start and type dxdiag. Press 'Save all information' and post the result here.
  8. Raszack

    helix 2,01 application text ghosting - looks bad

    I'm pretty sure the editor uses OpenGL, so you could try to update the driver for your graphics card.
  9. Raszack

    Backing Tracks in HELIX

    Do you use headphones or speakers? They must be connected to the Helix not the computer.
  10. Raszack

    Backing Tracks in HELIX

    Could you describe your Helix setup? When used right there is no audible latency in Helix.
  11. Raszack

    The dreaded audio "click" on playback

    Dude, you saved my day :) Had crackles and clicks through USB on win 10 and was starting to get grumpy - updated the driver and it sounds great now :D
  12. Raszack

    2204 with T75. Sounds great.

    Sounds great, and nice playing.