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  1. Just want to jump in here...could not for the life of my JCM2000 to change channels with Helix. So, I bought a FOOTSIM by Sound Sculpture. Absolutely amazing and easy to use. very plug and play...and has 4 channels. Fast channel and reverb switching. ....per patch or foot switch in the patch. Thanks guys
  2. Flotsam71

    USB volume

    Thanks for chiming in guys....PC was defaulting to helix as speakers....All good now!! Thanks Loving this thing so far!!
  3. Flotsam71

    USB volume

    What does USB in 1/2 Destination do? Its under global options in/out Switching it to XLR seems to do the trick
  4. Flotsam71

    USB volume

    I hear all the mouse from the PC comes out my amp!! Kinda Krazy...Must be a way somewhere....
  5. Flotsam71

    USB volume

    I only use the PC for the editor software....loading patches....not any recording yet
  6. Flotsam71

    USB volume

    This is probably a dumb question so forgive me.... When helix is connected to my PC (win 10 64bit) PC sounds come out my guitar amp. Where is this controlled?? Can I turn this option off?? Helix controlled or PC?? Thanks so much anyone.
  7. I had the exact same problem with lower row switch...happened early so Sweetwater sent me a replacement.
  8. Just thought I'd jump in here....My expression pedal was squeaky...if you look with a flashlight down the left and inside of the exp pedal it seems to be like a rubber grommet kinda thing. Just a tad of dry lube with the little red extension thing to be more accurate... seems to help.
  9. I have a Marshall JCM2000 DSL 50. I also can not get the amp switch to work. It seems like it changes the channel....but sound is muffled, and there is a lot of buzzing. My other switch for the amp works fine. Any thoughts out there. Thanks
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