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  1. Thanks, I'm new to this I'll try and do what you say in the morning before giving in to the shipping gods. I must say that the guitar is top notch.. I've never owned a Yamaha and I have friends who are endorsers for the company even for line 6 so I know how awesome the gear is.. By trade I'm a working musician, producer etc and I just thought this would be a good Swiss Army knives to have in my collection of guitars. I will have to look up what you've said to try "reflashing" the firmware. If there's still an issue then it's going back. Thank for your advice..
  2. Ok.. I contacted Zzounds and they told me to contact Line 6.. Unfortunately we're 2 hours behind the pacific coast line and 5 hours behind the Eastern Coast so I gotta do this in the morning. I'll probably end up sending it back.. Too bad I had an awesome gig to use it at tonight but it'll have to wait if it is as you said (hardware) problem. Disadvantage of living in Paradise is everything's so far away and shipping is a beast to pay. But the airy "white noise" I guess you could call it is a "no go!" Hopefully they'll be able to send a new one while I'm sending the other back cause I feel like I've paid the one day express fedex (higher cost) shipping only to have it malfunction. Thanks again.
  3. Hello, I just purchased and received my first Variax (Standard) Sunburst. First of all, it's a beautiful guitar and plays very well and feels great. I bought this guitar because I really needed a guitar that I could take to a gig and have so many different guitar types and tuning available like I'm sure many of you are thinking alike. Well, I was getting to know my new guitar absolutely stoked out. It played good for about 3o minute then it made a quick screeching sound and I just shrugged it off as it is working with some complex modeling systems and I kept playing. Well, maybe 10 to 15 minutes later this large airy noises started coming out of the guitar. When I turn the modeling system off and just use the regular SSS (Single-coil) system it fine but every time I push down on the modeling pot to on that guitar modeling system it starts that airy sound again. It's pretty loud and something I can't get by with. I also notice the 4th string (D string) is quite softer then the rest. I guess a new set of strings and setup might help with that but I'm totally bummed out with the noise problem. Please anyone of you can help me please let me know. I'm thinking that this could be a common situation but not sure. Much aloha from Hawaii and mahalo (Thank You) in advance.
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