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  1. Forgive me if I'm missing something, but what would then be the benefit to the plus if the stock models give the best "amp in the room sound"? Even if you have other IR's, you could just load them on your HELIX, right? Granted the ability to remotely change from a built in IR to another IR or to just the FRFR speaker setting is a nice bonus, but I don't know that I'll really have to switch speakers that often for my application. And if I need to, I'll just use the IR's that have been mentioned in the post you replied to. Thank you for your insight though! Looking forward to getting my new cabinet soon!
  2. That makes sense. Thank you for the thought out response. Leaning towards the normal power cab as, when I use it, I won't be using very much DSP anyway so I'm not super concerned about freeing up DSP. Plus the stock cab models appear to sound great on their own.
  3. So i'm trying to determine which one of the 2 options to get but I'm hung up on the IR piece of it. I'm trying to figure what I gain from getting the plus? The line 6 link to switch cabinet models is nice, but couldn't i just change patches with a different IR on my Helix and get the same affect? On top of that, I'm assuming running a cab model on my helix after the amp, lets say of a 4x12 with v30's, vs the IR built into the cab would sonically be the same coming out of the speaker? I guess I just need to be sold on the plus. I feel like it will give me more flexibility but I'm not sure if $200 is worth it I'm getting abilities that I already have within my Helix. Thoughts?
  4. I'd love to see the new Peavey Invective amp modeled. The tightness that the amp is able to achieve would be awesome to have on a Helix! I'd also love to see more boutique amps: Jackson, Milkman, Tyler, 3rd Power, Morgan amps etc.
  5. Same! A great octave effect without the warble would be awesome!
  6. Played a gig in Birmingham, AL this past weekend and one of our cars were broken into during the night at our hotel. They got my Helix, Helix bag, cables, my g10 wireless and my UE IEMs. About a $2,200 loss. Really sucks. I may or may not have the original box for my Helix but, like a gigantic idiot, I don't have an image of the bottom of my HELIX to get the serial number. I have synced my unit up to my computer via the Helix editor and I was wondering if there is some way I can pull the serial number from that software to provide to the police? Thank you for any help you might be able to offer!
  7. I'm using my exp 2 for the control of my reverb mix level, which is very handy. However, whenever I click the toe pedal to switch expression pedals, my amp unit block and volume pedal block get bypassed. Weirdest quirk. I've gone through the settings to try and find where the toe pedal may be assigned to bypass anything and there's nothing to be found. Might this be a bug? Or am I missing something simple? EDIT: My apologies to the mods. Just found the issue. Instead of looking in controllers or command center, it was under foot switches. Very sorry!
  8. Hmm Hmm, that is odd! I've done all of my editing on the HELIX unit itself and that's where I have had the issue. Haven't even tried using the editor yet. Maybe I'll give that a try and see if it works!
  9. Just got my new HELIX and I'm loving it. One issue I'm having trouble with is figuring out how assign my reverb's mix parameter to the expression pedal. I play at my church and love the idea of being able to increase and decrease reverb mix quickly and easily without having to bend over and tweak my boss rv-5 like I've been doing. The issue seems to be that when I go into command center and assign the mix control to the expression pedal, the pedal will not only control the mix, but also the decay. Somehow both parameters are assigned to the controller. While it makes sense to pair these 2, I'd like to keep my decay long and just bring the mix down. Is this possible?
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