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  1. I'm trying to get my FBV3 to work with Ableton Live. I set the FBV3 up in Control and I set Ableton to the FBV3 but when I try to assign functions from the FBV3 to Ableton nothing happens. Can somebody please tell me how to make this work.
  2. Saving presets on the Amplifi with the tone button only works when not connected to bluetooth. You can adjust the settings directly on the amp with the knobs (eq, drive,fx, reverb) and then save the changes to the preset which comes in handy sometimes. You have to save the preset from the amp to the app if you want the changes to show up in the app.
  3. I have a multi effects processor that I use for now until I can by an FBV. What I do is I use the tube instrument preamp from the amps section and I turn everything else off and that works great for me. There is an option to have no amp but I've found that when I use that it just makes an error and I have to reset the Amplifi.
  4. Okay I cleared the cache for bluetooth on my tablet and that fixed it.
  5. I'm having a problem with the Amplifi Remote amp. I just got my Amplifi 150 a couple of weeks ago. It was working fine before now. When I pair my Android tablet through bluetooth the app won't connect to the internet. I can edit tones and save them to the amp but I can't search for tones. When I unpair the amp and use the app I can connect to the internet fine and search for tones. It's just when the amp is paired through bluetooth that the app won't connect to the internet. But I can use other apps at the same time to connect to the internet. I can browse the web and everything I just can't search for tones while the app is paired to the amp though bluetooth. Any ideas of how I can resolve this? I use my phone too and I don't have any problems that way. Thanks.
  6. I'm not sure but it could be the version of MacOS you are using. It has to be MacOSX 10.7 or above.
  7. You have to download the driver for Windows. Mac doesn't need a driver. When you connect the Amplifi to your computer the Amplifi becomes your audio interface. You can hear whatever is playing back from your DAW as well as the input from the guitar.
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