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  1. Issues with Reverse Delay timing. Setup Helix Rack and Native (ver 2.8). In cubase record a click track at 60bpm though Helix Rack and another though Native. Use stereo so that helix path 1 with Reverse Delay is panned hard left and path 2 direct input is panned hard right for reference. Reverse Delay is set at 1second time, 0 feedback, 100%mix, modulation is off. No other effects used. Wave files were recorded over a few minutes. On the Helix Rack they show that the timing of the output from the Reverse Delay varies from approx 2s, to approx 0s. With Helix Native the time of the delay hardly varies at all using the same Reverse Delay effect settings BUT seems to be approx 1.5seconds or more, depending on where measured. On the Helix Rack with the input split to path1a-output left, and 1b-ouput right, using identical Reverse Delays on each, the outputs show different delay times. The times of each echo seem to be drifting from a different starting point. I am concerned that the above may be the result of an underlying problem with the internal timing of the Helix Rack.
  2. Are the arrows on the preset up/down footswitches upside down? I visualise the preset list as shown in hx edit, with numbers increasing as we move DOWN the list. This is down arrow on lower footswitch which increments the preset number, moving down in the list.
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