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    Volume and wah

    I just ran into this issue, and it really seems like an oversight. When you add a volume pedal block, it should default to "None" for the footswitch assignment, instead of "EXP Toe". On top of that, all of the factory presets with volume pedal blocks have this problem, and should be fixed. Would you guys agree? Maybe we can bring it up in the bug thread, and/or open a support ticket?
  2. Did you set the tuner output to "Multi", and then restart at any point? If so, it could be the same issue myself and another user are having. As a workaround, switch to the tuner and back again. At least you don't have to do a global reset!
  3. I had this exact same issue with Helix Rack + Helix Control. Same firmware, same symptoms, same fix. It seemed to happen on both headphones and SPDIF output for me.
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