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  1. Hi to answer your question as a simply as possible i play blues (badly) so sometimes quite clean /very mild crunch and i have no problems with patch changing times or noises :) all very very good :) and the tones for me once you get out of the presets are simply Awesome hope that helps
  2. i haven't had any issues with payback other than my Bluetooth connection dropping from my IPad. but its fine with my android phone
  3. I just want to make sure i am correct here. Are all the Amp models and FX in the Helix the same as in the POD HD and Firehawk or am i missing something? Thanks in advance :)
  4. Q: What does the Tone knob do on the newer HD acoustic models on the JTV guitars? A: The Tone knob on the new HD acoustic models is used to adjust the amount of body resonance for the model, but it was also specially programmed to have the top 10% of the Tone knob completely remove this resonance (at the 90-100% position) for those that prefer to remove that sound from the new acoustic models to closely resemble the flat nature of the older acoustic models from previous Variax guitars. I totally stand corrected on my first post i think that was before the HD models
  5. just to help out here... there are no tone controls on a acoustic.. so the tone control models the position of a mic infront of the guitar .. if you get my drift :)
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