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  1. For recording the main wet tone I was planning to send mono from the HX to a tube head (possibly going through some other pedals first), to load box, back in return 1. Then send the main out of the HX to recording interface. So not really 4cm to be precise - but still good enough to both be able to record a guitar DI, place some Helix stomps before the amp and run Helix stereo effects after the amp.
  2. Thanks Phil, that sounds perfect! So in theory I could even split the signal path right at the start, and send the DI to "send 2" while still having a 4cm flow to a tube amp from "send 1"... and have the final stereo output of the Helix Effects go to recording interface... or back to the amp for a mono live rig with a speaker cab? Sounds almost too good to be true ;)
  3. Hi guys, Two quick questions about the HX Effects unit 1. Can you use the normal Helix PC editor to create and edit patches on the HX Effects? 2. Is there a good and easy way to get a guitar DI out of the HX Effects for re-amping purposes? Along with a "wet" signal (preferably in stereo). Ideally I want to use the HX effects as the "main control" of all my rigs, be that a real tube amp or even a Kemper. So I would probably want to hook up using 4cm... but ideally still be able to get a guitar DI to my audio interface. Thanks, Kasper
  4. Hi guys, I'm looking for a small portable backup system for live gigs, in case my main setup breaks down. At first glance the AMPLIFi FX100 looked pretty much perfect for me. I could set up 4 good base presets and have a volume and tuner available. Perfect! The problem then is - I really wanted to connect directly to FoH with cab simulation, which also sending a line level signal to a guitar power amp and cabinet. However, from reading the manual that doesn't seem to be possible? I cannot even connect both to FoH and a guitar amp input at the same time? How do you guys use the FX100 in Live situations? Do you have to rely on a monitor from the PA mix. As an emergency solution - would it be possible to have a mono signal at both L and R channel in main out, then send one mono feed to FoH and one to a guitar power amp? Suggestions very welcome ;) Cheers, Kasper
  5. Hi guys, I just wanted to ask if anyone here has experience with using the G10 with a MusicMan LIII guitar? I'm aware of the issues that can (will??) occur with MusicMan guitars with active pickups, but the LIII model has passive pickups. It does however have a built-in boost, which is a powered circuit. I believe that is also somehow enabled when a jack cable is inserted into the guitar, so I'm thinking it could have the same problems on a G10? Also, I believe I read that it would actually be fairly easy to fix any issues with the active pickups. If someone could explain exactly what would needed to be done, then I would be very grateful. Something about swapping some soldered cables in the input jack - but why exactly does that work/fix the problem? Cheers, Kasper
  6. Yeah, I know... I should just jump into it. It's not about the money (all IR packs I know of are very reasonably priced, considering what you get) it's simply about learning new tech/recording stuff versus playing the damn guitar ;) But I know this particular time investment is almost sure to pay of quickly...
  7. That's just awesome! Had been looking into various other options like DI boxes and such, but that all requires extra space in a live rig... and cost real money, if I wanted something decent sounding. Oh man, this might be the last push I needed to tip me over. I think GAS is starting to get the better of me (again) ;)
  8. No sorry, actually I'm still in the "prepare to buy" phase, so I don't own a Helix.... yet ;) I'm using cab sim with some of my other rack gear for recording tones, so I'm using GuitarRig as a DAW plugin. Just for cab sim...
  9. I've never been using the popular IR packs, RedWirez or Ownhammer, although I use cab sim all the time for hobby recordings. So far I've just been using cabs from GuitarRig. I've often been tempted by the IR packs though, and I know they sound killer. But the thing that has kind of scared me away so far is the amount of files you get per speaker/cab. Like, it's not just a matter of picking a Marshall cab... you also have to decide on mic, which angle, which distance etc. Feels a bit overwhelming to be honest. And going into the Helix I guess you would have to pick one of the files, or mix them in a DAW like suggested above. So any tips on how you guys approach a new IR pack? Where do you start? Any particular angle/distance/mic that you always pick as a starting point?
  10. Thanks for posting the video, that was very helpful! On a related note; I was hoping to be using the Helix with a backline amp, so no cab sim on my live patches, but then also have an output with cab sim for going into the mixing board. I wasn't sure if that was possible, but from watching this video it looks like you can specify for each output in the patch which hardware output sockets that goes to. Is that correct? So I should be able to easily split off all my live patches and have cab sim on the XLR outputs, but not on the 1/4" ? Thanks! Kasper
  11. Ha ha - yeah, I get that ;) And the controls, both on the floor unit and the Helix Control, is definitely very cool and powerful - no doubt about that! But, I got to be honest with you - I cried a little when I saw that for some reason the Helix Control doesn't have a built-in expression pedal like the floor version of the Helix :( I need the rack version for a couple of reasons. One is the pre-amp and other rack gear, another is space in my tiny "home studio" environment. The rack unit just fit in better there, with easy access to the front controls. So the controller is just for playing live... so since there is no built-in expression pedal on the Helix Control I can live with something simple like the fcb1010. Looking forward to learning about those secret new features though!
  12. Ok, bummer - but thanks for clearing that up! Yeah, I'm looking at the rack unit. The floor version is a sweet piece of gear, but I need the cabling to be as simple as possible when setting up. So rack seems the way to go for me... Not necessarily a deal breaker though... I guess I could live with duplicating a couple of live presets in Helix. Or, I just remembered the FCB1010 midi controller is actually also programmable - so as long as I can have the Helix listen to a specific midi channel (which I'm sure is possible) I could program the midi controller to send the correct Helix PC commands. I just always preferred to keep things as simple as possible so it's easy to swap components out. Maybe a proper midi mapping feature on the Helix could be something for the future? ;)
  13. Hi, Thanks for the reply. I can see how that method can be useful, but it's not exactly what I wanted to do right now :) Using your outlined method I would need one Helix patch per sound - and several of those could then map to the same JMP preset. My current live scenario is more like this: I would have maybe 4 Helix presets, each with a JMP-1 loop enabled, and maybe 5 different JMP-1 patches. Out of these I set up 10 different permutations. None of my devices are considered "master" of a sound, and they would be connected with midi-through. In a sense my FCB1010 midi controller is the "master" of the sounds. Each device simply need to react to a specific PC message to recall a preset - and each device must be able to recall the same preset from multiple different PC messages. So: Helix receives PC32 -> it recalls preset 1 Helix receives PC33 -> it also recalls preset 1 What is unclear to me is if Helix is hard-coded so each incoming PC command always recalls the corresponding Helix patch? Cheers, Kasper
  14. Hi guys, I'm considering buying a Helix rack, but couldn't find an answer to this.... I currently have a JMP-1 midi controlled pre-amp that I use with other rack multieffect units. So initially, and surely for the first many live gigs, I would use the Helix primarily as an effects unit with a real amp. I know this is easy to do with 4cm... However, I currently have more presets for my pre-amp than I have for effect configurations. On my current gear I can use something called midi mapping to control which presets are recalled on a number of devices when receiving a certain PC midi message. Without this feature, if the unit can only respond 1-1 with PC messages, I would have to copy the same preset into multiple slots. I couldn't find anything about the Helix having such a feature from the online manual. Can anyone confirm if it has or hasn't got this? In other words, could I set up the Helix such that it would recall Helix preset 1 when receiving PC32 or PC33? I hope my question makes sense, and thanks for taking a look! Cheers, Kasper
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