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  1. What do you guys think of my idea about making all footswitches fully interchangeable. - Any footswitch can be a stomp, a snapshot, looper, tap tempo, up patch, down patch, etc.? I don't really need a metronome, but something like this would be a huge workflow improvement. No more need to switch in and out of snapshot mode. You can have your lead snapshot right next to your delay pedal, and so on. It takes custom and freedom to a whole new level. I'd also really love to see them give us a secondary out option on the signal path, without having to re-carve the signal path. Otherwise, yeah, I agree. Let them focus on bringing new effects, etc.
  2. Totally agree on the arena reverb, as well as with the OP take on spring reverb. A nice, drippy, fender reverb would be sweet!
  3. Here is a link to some audio I recorded today to give an idea of what I am talking about. Try to disregard the strange bubbly feedback I tend to get from the pickup on this older Godin guitar, I have taken it to a few places, but no-one can figure out what the heck is causing it. Some days are better than others with it.. Anyways, nothing too fancy here, just quickly recorded, but still.. I should do a side by side sans helix sound to compare, so you can see just how much the tone is being enhanced by this thing. Also, it sounds a lot better in the room, than it does in the recording.. Tascam DR-05...
  4. So I am about a month in now with this unit. I've played out live with it a handful of times, but more than that, I have stayed up long into the evening many nights with this thing tweaking and playing. I am a better player now than I was a month ago, and I think I largely have the helix to thank for that. There is a ton to like here and I keep discovering more stuff that fall into this category. I don't use any of the amp modeling capabilities of the helix myself, and even barring those, even just using this as a 100% multi-effect unit/looper, there is a lot to love. That said, I wanted to create one post for the handful of improvements/enhancements that I would love to see; the things that would make this pedal perfection. Here they are in no particular order. 1) I guess I will start with my best suggestion. I think every switch on the helix should be 'fully' customizable. Meaning... Any given footswitch can be a stomp, a snapshot, and preset up or down, a tap/tempo tuner, etc.. with the exception of maybe the FS6 mode switch, which would take you from the first set of switches within a patch, to the second set of switches, but heck, maybe there is a smarter way of doing even that. It might be just me, but maybe there are others out there who never ever use the preset up/down switch, so you'd rather have those switches avail for another purpose, more stomps mainly. Anyways, following this, you can have a single set of switches that include the stomps you want to turn on and off, maybe a snapshot or two, and also maybe a preset switch in the upper left to toggle to the next patch if that's your bag, a tap/tempo tuner on the second row of switches rather than first, etc. No need to hit the mode button to switch to snapshot mode, but if you do, you just get another set of footswitches that can also be either stomps, snaps, presets, etc. This way you can truly customize the way everything is laid out within a given patch exactly to your purpose. 2) Better reverbs. I think we just need like 2 new really usable rich HD reverbs in this unit. I am not alone in thinking this. 3) Ability to save the tuner input within the patch settings. Some others liked this idea, but now I can't find it in ideascape so dangit. It would be a huge help for me when I play out acoustic and am constantly switching instruments and thus patches to switch inputs. As it stands, every time I switch instruments, I have to bend over and switch the tuner input to tune. It would be super cool if this setting could be stored along with everything else, within a given patch. Let it have a default setting sure, but let it be modifiable and save-able within a given patch. 4) Looper fade out option. Would be nice to have a fade out option on the looper, rather than just a sudden stop. 5) The ability to add a secondary output to a signal path with a separate volume adjuster for that secondary output, without having to split the signal again within helix. This way, I can easily send my mic out the xlr at 100%, and my guitar out the 1/4 inch at 100%, but I can also send my guitar out the xlr at 20%, and I don't have to split the signal within the patch, which is impossible in a patch that is already complexified. 6) A metronome, or better, how bout a super simple drum machine - bass, hat, snare? Mainly for practice purposes. 7) Well, that's about it actually. Would be great to see more effects come on home to this unit as time rolls on as well, but really for me, these changes would transform this unit into just about perfection.
  5. My advice would be to get one from guitar center, take it home, and try the sucker out for 45 days. This is what I did, and about 15-20 days in I decided I could not go back to where I was before, so I kept the thing and now here I am. The helix is not perfect. Reverbs could be better on this unit imho, but they seem to be getting the job done, for me at least. I am hopeful that line 6 will hook us up with 1-2 more great sounding reverbs in some future release, as a number of folks on these boards have asked for them, but don't quote me on that or anything... I have zero affiliation with Line 6. Worst case, you wind up toting around your big sky until that happens. It's very easy to chain an effect with this thing. I am happy with the delays. We have a lot more options here, and they sound great!
  6. I will agree with the OP and just say that the reverbs in the Helix are not what I was hoping for. I have had good luck using the plate verb so far when I want to add wetness to a tone, but have not gotten much bang out of any others. This is one area that they need to improve. We could use a couple, rich, HD reverbs based on different algorithms. I have not found the springs in the helix to be useful either, but I run into an old Fender twin with a built in spring reverb that definitely has that 'drip' effect going for it in spades, so have not missed it. That said, I agree, that it should be there. Reverb is pretty dang fundamental when it comes to guitar effects. Like, probably the most fundamental.
  7. Here is my submission.
  8. Right there with you man. I don't need many more, but I could use 3-4 more stomps. My thought was to give us the option of splitting out snapshots between stomps and snaps, 4 of each. That would be ideal.
  9. I wish that we could have a secondary output on with a separate volume control nob on a single output path. I have both my mic and my guitar heading into my helix. I send my guitar out the quarter inch to my amp. I send my mic out the XLR to the PA... but I would love to send my guitar out that XLR as well, at maybe 10-20% strength. My patch is too complex for me to create another path for this purpose. I am out of paths, and out of stomps. I know, wishful thinking.
  10. Agreed! Awesome info. Hats off to the op for putting this all together.
  11. musiclover7


    It ain't the tuner causing the jumpy folks, it's the guitar or whatever other instrument you have plugged in. If you don't like it, just focus on the bottom section, which is exactly what was there before. Ignore the finer section at the top. Feel Better? I'm a big fan of the finer tuner myself, but my instruments work well with that sort of thing.
  12. Was up late into the night again playing with my helix, this time with a Godin acoustic strung with heavy tension strings tuned Baritone (E is C). In my patch, I have added the LA Studio Compressor (love this thing!! My new favorite compressor), plate reverb, and yeah, strangely the mic tube preamp (which is also really enhancing this tone). I have a subtle chorus option, delay option, as well as a minotaur with very low gain for certain kinds of leads. What I am getting from all of this is a one hell of a unique, juicy, killer Sound! It sounds like the strings have some sort of vacuum suction action to them, with this crystal clear clarity wherein every nuance is heard and yeah... enhanced. My high E string is a minor exception. It lacks the punch that I am getting with my middle strings, but I only really notice it on leads, and this has nothing to do with the helix... still working in it though. I am going to have to find a way to get a decent recording posted for interested parties to dig, but it may take another day or 2 with my current schedule. Suffice to say, this thing will work very well with acoustics. I played my first gig with it last Friday, and was really happy with the results. The Baritone was sort of an exception that night, but I had not really spent any time before the gig playing with it. Just gave it it's own patch which was a carbon copy of my acoustic patch, just with a different input. What a difference a little time tweaking knobs/settings can Make!
  13. I know.. And I must say, I think they did a pretty dang good job. I've never owned a Mutron to compare to, but I am pretty pleased with the results I am getting via helix. For what it is worth to the OP, I sat on the fence regarding this unit myself for a good few weeks after I bought it. It is not perfect, though it is better than any other modeler I have played, and I have played a lot (never played into Kempler or Fractal products though). I just was not sure if it was $1,000 bucks better. Well, a few days back I did a side by side comparison with my old zoom g5, and the helix blew it out of the water. It wasn't even a fair comparison. The zoom was like a toy or something. I sat there wondering how I was ever satisfied with the tone I used to get out of it, and then I realized I was really only using compression, delay, verb and tube screamer. Still, no comparison. So, that decided me. Plus, I am happy with the fact that Line 6 seems to be steadily improving the product, which means it will probably get much better. There are a few things I would desperately like to see them improve which I have mentioned in other posts, but even without those, what we have here is a pro piece of gear. I am happy with my purchase. I have my first gig tonight with it. Looking forward to a live experience!
  14. Gotta use a twin reverb to get that Jerry tone for Shakedown. That was always the foundation of his sound... vintage twin reverb and jbl speakers... i am just thrilled there are other dead enthusiasts on these boards. The fact that we have a mutron model is one of the selling points for me with the helix. My two biggest influences, Jerry and Jj Cale.
  15. Which is essentially the guitar that I play... Heritage with humbuckers, made in the old Gibson factory in Kalamazoo.
  16. For what it is worth, I have had a much better experience plugging acoustic instruments into effect returns. There are some decent posts on the subject here in these boards.
  17. Because the alternative is no good. Even with me routing out send 1 to external tuner, I have no good way of muting everything that I can see. So I am audibly tuning. First gig with this setup is tomorrow night. I am hoping to have this ironed out by then, otherwise I may just go in sans helix...
  18. I feel like there must be a way using my avail sends to pull this off, assuming I take an actual physical patch cable and route it into say my aux port on the helix, using this as the input. The problem is everything gets muted, so no output when the tuner engages, which in turn = no input. Is there any way to not mute some of the output on the tuner, ie headphones, etc, so I can route that back in on the helix. I feel like there is maybe a way, and I am close...
  19. Got it. Thx. Not stoked that I have to use a separate tuner, but what can yah do?
  20. I don't think this will work really. All 4 of these presets have 2 separate outputs. Vocals are routing to xlr out, and guitar/Uke/banjo routing to 1/4 inch out. Would effect sends also get juice in this scenario? Side note, please head over to my ideascale entry and give it an up vote if you can also see the need for being able to save tuner input inside a preset. Thanks!
  21. Ah.. here is a problem. I was using my helix yesterday for first time in my acoustic band. I switch between 4 different instruments in this band, 3 of which run into effect returns on the helix, one of which runs into the mic input and pulls phantom power. I also have an actual mic, which I am currently running into effect return 4, and the mic has a couple effects applied to it in every preset. Pretty sweet really. Anyways, I set myself up with 4 different presets with similar effect profiles, but different inputs. This is an acoustic project, so my presets are pretty slim, mainly consisting of some compression, some boost, and some slight chorus to be applied here and there. The main thing I am hoping to achieve with the helix as far as my acoustic project goes, is simple instrument swapping... no more unplugging every time I reach for a new instrument, etc. Now, I just switch preset, pick up the new axe, and away I go. I was also hoping for improved tone. Whether or not tone is better with helix on my acoustic is totally subjective, and I can't make up my mind one day to the next. Overall, I will just say, I am good with the tone that I am getting. Things still sound acoustic, which is the main thing. Now for the most part, the instrument swapping is actually working well, however, not when it comes to tuning. Every time I change instruments, and activate the tuner, I find I also have to bend down and change the input on the tuner to match. Multi in does not cover it unfortunately. The Mic and effect returns are left out of Multi, so I have to switch every time I tune, which seems like an entirely avoidable frustration, but I can't see a way around it. Maybe there is something I am missing, hence the post. Can anyone think of a way to setup the tuner, or my presets so that I can tune all my instruments using the setup I described above without the need for constant manual manipulation of tuner input every time I switch preset? I switch instruments constantly in this project, and I am also tuning constantly. A solution here would really help a ton. Any help appreciated!!
  22. I followed the update instructions to the letter with my first helix, but it had problems and I had to return it day 1. My new helix has never had any problems. Not one freeze up so far..knock on wood. Now that I think on it, the first software update hung mid stream. I waited like 15 minutes, and eventually powered off the unit, and restarted the 2.0 update which succeeded. That was my first unit though. More problems began showing themselves right away.
  23. I grew up in Phoenix. Used to play in bands back in Tempe back in the 90's, early 2,000's. Small world.
  24. Wow. I am like your exact opposite. Never play any song the same way twice. Never plan a single note of any solo, though I do tend to linger semi close to the melody. Always make music in the moment and am up for falling on my face 10x if it means 1 moment of unplanned for grace. I have 1 preset in my helix, with about 12 different stomps, and I use them like a painter uses colors, mixing and matching as the moment seems to require. All I ever do is jam, and I am far from an amateur.
  25. My first helix had this problem. At first factory resets would resolve the issue for 15 min or so, then the time would decrease. Eventually, I could not even get the unit to boot, and had to return it. It is a bit concerning to me that others are struggling. I am hoping that there is no internal flaw in the helix that might cause this problem when certain criteria occur. My replacement has never crashed even 1x. Updated to 2.0 day 1.
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