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  1. This. Thank you sdzimmerman, well put.
  2. Yay, finally official word from someone who works at Line 6... Dear Line6, ask your iOS developer(s) about expedited reviews. When you have a bug of this nature you can ask to jump ahead of the review queue — especially when its affecting now irate customers. This inconvenience is far from over. It certainly has caused lots of inconvenience and continues to do so by your inaction. sdzimmerman had a great suggestion above — how about using TestFlight with some customers to get test your fix with real customers? Some transparency and visible progress would be very welcome. This is not how you treat paying customers.
  3. Amen. This is a shining example of terrible customer service and their lack of updates or any more information than "we're working on it" is simply not good enough. Line6-apologists like phil_m are missing the point entirely.
  4. And customers that purchase a new iOS device that ship with iOS 9? Lets forget about them too? I guess I just expect more from Line6.
  5. iOS 9 is now out and still no update from Line6. Awesome.
  6. iOS 9 is now out and there's still no update to the app. Just a "compatibility statement" stating not to upgrade: http://line6.com/support/forum-70/announcement-70-ios-9-compatibility-statement/ Not a happy customer. Over a month and a half of no progress.
  7. Yep, same here on iOS 9 beta 4. Hopefully they'll have a fix for it soon.
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