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  1. Thank you! This did work--I had thought the y cable had to go to and from the same pedal for whatever reason, so never tried what you suggested. Another issue might have come up--the stereo delay I had in the Pod Go preset block was only acting like stereo when it was after the fx loop--so I'm going to explore that further but I may be back on here regarding that soon ... Thank you so much again for all your help @cristt
  2. Another question here: I am hoping to use more than one stereo pedal in the fx loop. I assume I need to use a mixer or stereo looper pedal to do this, correct? I am not seeing how I can just run the pedals in series and have the y insert cable effectively doing what it needs to do as it can't fully connect to the pedal closest in the chain to to the Pod Go, as it would necessarily have an in/out cable from the following stereo pedal I'm trying to run ...
  3. Thank you. Actually I wrote too soon; it looks like the problem is with my recorder/interface (Spire Studio--anyone using one of those?), as when I plug headphones into the Pod Go, I get full stereo sound. So something is off with the Spire, or perhaps the audio out in general. Will have to going out to two speakers before I blame the Spire. I will say however that up until I tried to use the fx loop, I was getting stereo sound out of the Spire. I don't know if that's a coincidence or what..
  4. So I purchased an insert cable and yet I am unable to get stereo sound from the stereo pedal I have inserted into the FX loop ... Anyone have any thoughts/advice?
  5. I've poked around and haven't been able to find the answer to this, which I assume is common knowledge in general ... I am trying to use a few external stereo pedals in the fx loop of my Pod Go and not having luck maintaining their stereo capabilities. Can someone point me in the right direction? I'm using TRS cables but I'm guessing there's a specific cable that goes in/out of the Pod Go and splits into two cables so it can go into the L/R of both the I/O of the external stereo pedal that I need to use? Thanks in advance.
  6. Thanks to you both for your replies, very helpful. I'd like to ask about L2 vs. L3 but I'll go poke around other threads first and see what's been said already. Thanks!
  7. Hi, week-long lurker, first-time poster. Just got the Helix and love it. Only played it through cheap-ish headphones and still blown away. I've sifted through this forum as well as ones on other sites and compiled a lot of helpful tips about my following question, but also enough confusion to warrant asking it here directly ... I am looking to buy a speaker/PA system that will cover the following personal needs: I am using the Helix to process guitar as well as some electronic drums, a synth sometimes, looping w/an external looper, possibly even my vocals. So--primarily I'm a one-man band (and having the ability to process all these things through the Helix, on top of replacing my pedal board, is why I got it; really, it's a revolutionary device, not that I need to waste time preaching to the choir, but truly, revolutionary is an accurate descriptor for it), and thus the speaker/PA setup should reflect this use, particularly w/the idea in mind that it'd be used as my amplification in small venues (coffee shops->small bars sizes). I also play guitar in a couple of bands and would like to be able to use the same speaker/PA as either a monitor if we play somewhere that has FOH or on its own if we play somewhere that doesn't. Again, small-size rooms; not expecting to play theaters any time soon. From all I've read, this doesn't seem like an unreasonable expectation from the various FRFR/PA options out there.. I'd like to ideally use the same setup at home so I don't have to be concerned w/creating different patches for different systems, and would like the patches I create to translate as well as possible to FOH (I've read a lot about all that and understand moving from one system of playback to another will always cause some differences in how the patch comes across, but just looking to have decent expectations that things won't shift too drastically). One concern I read about is that creating patches using low volumes on speakers won't translate when the volume is increased in a live situation (or it may have just been playing through them w/the volume low won't sound too good?), and thus a suggestion was to use studio monitors at home. I'm open to this idea, but again, ideally would like one setup that covers it all. My favorite comment from those I've compiled is the one that seems to directly address my needs--"I'd go for one L2M just to give me an all in one home jamming, jamming w/friends, and a gig solution"--so perhaps my question is really, does this answer to another user's question also successfully answer mine? I'll also mention I have a JamHub, if that's helpful to know/put to use at all. I wouldn't mind not using/needing it though; really hoping to keep things as streamlined as possible, and the JamHub usually stays in my office. Thanks a lot for any help you can offer-
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