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  1. hi guys, I use Shure SHR240A headphones and the quality of sound on my pod hd 500x is absolutely rubbish, other than that headphones are amazing, I did all the appropriate setup. Is it the headphones fault?
  2. I`m having the same problem, tried to update firmware and now the amp is frozen, putting it in a safe mode doesn`t work. I used M-Audio Uno midi interface, nevest drivers installed, tried on win 7 64, win 8.1 64, win 10, newest monkey installed, switching cables every way, using different usb ports, nothing worked. I was in contact with Line6 support and they reccomended to send it back to seller for warranty repair. Very frustating, now i will be without amp for at least 4 weeks.
  3. Hi Guys . I have the same problem. Tried to update firmware om my dt25. I receive error 8000000A. tried multiple Times and now my amp head is dead, switches dont respond, no sound. I did it on windows 10 and 8. I used Alesis MIDI Usb cable, theres no drivers for it but it was recognized on both systems automatically. tried to swich in and out cables all the ways possible. I also cant put my dt25 back to where it was using instructions provided (topo and pentodÄ™ together while powering) Please help
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