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  1. I bought a brand new Line 6 Relay G30 last week from guitar center. I used it at home with my rig, and it worked fine. I brought it with me to my bands show Saturday night. We were the first band so I had time to meticulously setup my rig and pedal board and test it out. I had the Relay on channel 1. Sound was fine when I was checking it out on stage before doors opened. Then at official sound check, it worked at first but then cut out. I went to Channel two or three and all was fine again. Our band went on an hour later in front of a large crowd. In the middle of the 2nd song, my sound completely cut out. I looked down at the transmitter on my guitar strap and the two lights were flashing, indicating it lost connection. I missed the rest of the song, which was a huge embarrassment and left me royally pissed. What the hell happened and how do I make sure this DOES NOT happen again? I didn't buy this to mess around in my bedroom, I bought it for live use and if it's not going to be reliable, I will return it immediately. Does anyone have any fixes/solutions for this? How did this happen?
  2. Got to finally try a helix last night through an acquaintance. He was running it through a crown poweramp into a 4x12. I will be clear when I say that the distorted tones were nowhere near as good, huge and present sounding as my Ironheart or any other high gain amp i've ever owned, which has been many. Not even close. He was getting a very thin, small and blanketed tone. We tried the 5150, uberschall and rectifier clones. I even tweaked the eq's. How much of that was due to him not having it dialed in right, i can't say. He is a metal head and seemed to know what he was doing quite well.
  3. Understood. So it sounds like a solid state poweramp would be the way to go with the Helix? Also, if i am going to use a solid state poweramp, would I be better off getting the Helix rack and then getting the control board with it so i can mount the poweramp and helix into one rack box?
  4. Man, you guys are super helpful. Thank you so much for the information even if some of it is over my head. When you say that a poweramp is "neutral" what do you mean by that?
  5. Hi Folks. My first post here. I have been researching the Helix as well as the AX8. I am 32, been playing tube amps for 12 years now. I have a lollipop pedal board because I am too cheap to overpay the ridiculous pedal train asking price. I find that no matter what tube amp i have(I've had a lot) there are always limitations with how i channel switch and use effects. I am in a gigging modern high gain metal/rock band and I am looking to simplify my rig. Currently, I am running this setup: Guitar=>pedal board(tuner, decimator, overdrive, flashback delay)=> laney ironheart=>mesa cab. What i am trying to understand, is whether I can replace my current rig with this: Guitar=>Helix=>poweramp=>mesa cab. My BIGGEST concern, is TONE. I want that great tube tone I've gotten out of my amps. I don't want the positive grid bias sound or the pod sound. I don't see many people using the Helix as their sole guitar tone source(aka no tube amp). Before I buy a Helix, should I feel confident in the setup I am proposing and the sound I am hoping to capture? Are there any limitations that I should be aware of? What would be a good power amp for this rig? Thanks much for any insight you can provide me. Also, here is my band to represent the tone I am going for. [youtubevid} [endyoutubevid]
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