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  1. To all the users having connection problems with their active pickup guitars: I just got my G10 yesterday and I love it. All my guitars worked except for my classical that uses a battery. I solved the problem by applying a fix from another user on this forum. I simply reversed the the two ground wires on the output jack of that guitar and it now works perfectly. I am also going to get a mono L-shape adapter, as suggested by another user, to carry around with me so it can work on other players guitars that might want to sit in. As for those complaining about the thin sound, as compared to using a cord, yes it is a little noticeable. So play around with the amp or mixer EQ and you can achieve a decent sound. I think the ease of use and smart technology of this unit outweighs any cons. I love the fact that you can plug and unplug the unit from your guitars without any noise or hum from the amplifier. That is a pleasant bonus!
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