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  1. My Mosky two button switch suddenly isn't working after the update. I had fs4 be preset down and fs5 be preset up but now only fs4 works. It won't allow to assign anything to fs5 except bypass all. Anyone else have this issue?
  2. I'll do that. Thanks a lot man. I appreciate it.
  3. If it doesn't need to be that's fine. Like I said I'm just unsure how all this should be setup. If I'm just using the headphones or monitors then when I do record I'll be able to hear it through them while I record instead of the amp?
  4. No particular reason. I just thought that's how it was done. I'm a total noob when it comes to this stuff so I'm trying to learn and get it all figured out. So if I had monitors they would go into the Stomp and not the computer? Which would allow me to have playback through said monitors. Question is how do I make it so that playback ONLY happens through said monitors or headphones and not the amp as well?
  5. Right that's what I figured. I'd wind up with playback through headphones and the amp. I mean eventually I want to get a pair of actual monitors. How would I connect them for playback? I'm starting to wonder if it's even possible to do what I am trying to do.
  6. I've managed to get it recording. Which is great. My issue is playback. Right now it plays back through my amp. I want to try and make it so that I can playback through a stereo or headphones connected to my laptops headphone jack. If I change the driver in Cubase to the Asio driver then I can get that to work. But it then wants to record through the microphone of the laptop. It's like I can only pick one or the other. I'm wondering if plugging headphones into the Stomp would fix it.
  7. Meaning I hit record and it records nothing.
  8. Anyone have experience setting up Cubase to work with HX Stomp? I can't seem to figure it out. I open Cubase, it asks what kind of track I want to make. Acoustic guitar, acoustic guitar with vocals, distorted guitar with vocals etc etc. I choose to start an empty project. I click project, regardless of if I choose to add an instrument track or audio track I get nothing. I go to studio setup and make sure HX Stomp is the selected driver. Still nothing. Anyone have experience with this? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  9. So I have a little board I built. It contains a Polytune Mini 3, Dunlop Crybaby 95Q wah, the HX Stomp, and an ISP Decimate noise gate. With room for another pedal or two. I'm trying to get together a list of power supplies that will work with the Stomp as well as the other pedals on the board. So far all I know that works is a 1Spot Pro CS6. What other power supplies will work? Any of the Voodoo Lab stuff? Maybe the MXR DC Brick? What are you guys using to power your boards with a Stomp on it?
  10. Well yea, obviously. Every time you listen to it through something different the sound will change. That's completely normal and should be expected.
  11. So I did this and it worked. Was able to click and drag the IR's into HX Edit. But when I go to make a patch with them they don't show up. I click a block, click IR's, and there's only the two that came with the stomp in the list. How do I actually put them into a patch?
  12. Gotcha. It's always good to have a general idea though. Thanks for the tips! I will definitely give them a try tonight!
  13. With the Special212 I'm running it into the back, power in I believe it is. So basically the tone knobs do nothing on the amp, just using the speakers. With the Laney I plug the Stomp into the back of my Laney head. Same thing, power in, so no tone knobs work on the Laney. Just volume and gain. I'll give the things you said a try tonight. Thanks! I mean otherwise I've been able to dial in some pretty awesome tones. Metal, rock, blues, cleans. It's just they have that tinny sound to them. I'm usually running an amp and cab seperate or amp and cab together to save a block. I'm completely new to this stuff. I'm not even sure what order to put stuff in on the Stomp. Usually it's just amp-drive pedal-delay or reverb. Is there an optimal order to put things?
  14. Before I bought my HX Stomp I was using a Zoom Dave Mustain G2.1DM processor. Somehow I managed to get a pretty solid tone out of it. My entire rig was guitar-wah-zoom processor-Laney half stack. People would come up to me after shows and say how great my tone sounded and ask what I was using. I'd show them the Zoom processor and they would literally turn green and get all snobby and what not. Obviously Helix software is miles better, I'm glad I bought my Stomp, but it was fun messing with people who told me they liked my tone only to find out it was a Zoom processor. lol
  15. Yea I open the zip folder, go through a couple more folders until I get to the IR, click and drag it into HX Edit and nothing happens. If I hit import it opens my download folder but those IR's I downloaded are not listed for some reason.
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