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  1. vttom

    Relay G10 USB input poor design

    Look like you can buy the G10S receiver straight from Line6, too... https://shop.line6.com/relayr-g10s-receiver.html
  2. My band has 4 G10s and a Behringer XR16 as well as a bunch of smart phones and tablets between us. We have played venues within range of a half-dozen WiFi access points and in front of crowds possessing dozens of smart phones, tablets, etc. So far, the only issues we've had are a transmitter not linking up with it's base after waking up from sleep mode, and with a transmitter connecting to the wrong base after waking up from sleep. But these cases have been rare. So long as the transmitter is awake and it's linked up to its base, we've never had a problem with audio quality, pops, clicks, dropouts, etc.
  3. We have 4 on stage, but only 3 in use at any one time. They all work flawlessly most of the time. Once in a while, a transmitter fails to connect with its base station, or worse, connects to the wrong base station. But this can be quickly solved by unplugging it from the instrument, plugging it back into the base, then plugging it back into the instrument.
  4. vttom

    line 6 g-10

    You should provide a little more detail about the working and non-working configurations. I can't really tell what the G10 transmitter is plugged into, or what the base station is plugged into. And when you say "won't work". What exactly does that mean? Does the green light on the transmitter come on? What's the color of the light on the receiver base?
  5. vttom

    Relay G10 USB input poor design

    Line6 issued me a UPS shipping label, so I'm happy that they're going to take care of things free of change (including the shipping). But it's going ground both ways. From Vermont to CA. That's a full week for shipping either way, plus a few days in-between. So we're looking at a nearly 3-week turn around. Seriously, Line6. A 3-week turn-around for warranty replacement? This is pretty disappointing. By comparison... I've had to send a few i-devices to Apple for repair/replacement. They've always over-nighted the shipping in both directions, with a 1-day turn-around in-between. So if i send the bad unit in on Monday, I had a new one in my hands that Wednesday.
  6. vttom

    Relay G10 USB input poor design

    I just read through this thread for the first time after the USB port on 1 of my G10s just broke clean off (I have 2). Fortunately, it's still under warranty and support has issued me an RMA, so I'll be swapping out the unit. But if it were out of warranty, I would totally be fixing it/modding it myself. For those who are mod-inclined, here's a thought... What about powering the unit using phantom power over the XLR connection? You'd need to find a 48V to 5V DC converter, which might be hard to come by. Also, it would only be useful if you go XLR straight to a PA; I suspect most people use the 1/4in out into a pedal. But, hey, I thought I would share the idea in case someone feels like trying it out.
  7. I can't seem to find any mention of how many G10s can be expected to operate in the same vicinity at the same time. In my band, the guitar player bought one, and we were all so impressed that the bass player and the fiddle player also ran out and got one. Just wanted to make sure we're not getting ourselves into trouble expecting 3 G10s to all play nice together at the same time.