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  1. Yamaha electric silent violins sv-130 and sv-255 both do not work well, excessive interference/noise with the G10
  2. I just got the circuit diagram for the yamaha sv-130 voilin. It seems the piezzo input is single ended, ie signal and ground. Maybe the line6 G10 works better with a piezzo balanced input, that could reduce inyerference/pickup ..any ideas?? cheers
  3. I tried the right angle hoss mono connector, it made no difference. I was hoping for a solution as Yamaha own line6 I contacted line 6 support in Germany and they said they would look into it.it was also clear they do not look in the forum at all as they never heard of this issue.....No feedback from Line6 so far. I tried Yamaha support... not very helpful....I got this: We have looked into your question and the issue and solution relates to the Line6 product and not the SILENT Violin. The G10 transmitter unit is not immediately compatible with all electric/electro-acoustic instruments as the ¼†outputs internal connectivity options can vary from product to product. To this end LINE 6 does offer an advice sheet to help the user identify what output circuitry their instrument has and how to make it compatible with the G10 transmitter. Looks like I am out of luck getting help to resolve this. I should add, I tried a similar product Xvive U2 and that has the same problem as the G10 !!! ..mmmm Looks like my 20year old Shure setup will have to do another 20 !!!...Maybe a coversion of its 9V PP3 to a Li-ion battery would work, if such a thing exists. Cheers
  4. I am still surpised at this problem, considering both these Yamaho violins are top quality £1000 instruments. I would love mode comment from line 6 ..
  5. I see I am not alone, the violins use piezzo pickups.. any chance on an update/suppestions/fix from Line 6, seems a common issue otherwise it will have to go back.
  6. I just got my G10 to update by trusty Shure setup that has done a 20 year stint and is still working ok. Setup , peice of cake, tried it in my guitar, perfect Tried it on my electiric violins, both yamaha silent violins, SV-130 and and SV-255 and I get a lot of backround noise, more like interfence than noise.. I will get a right angle male to female TS 1/4inch adapter and try that to move the transmitter outside of the yamaha enclosure. Has anybody got any interfence issues and solutions for the G10.... Cheers Paul
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