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  1. Thanks for the insight– Funny how one single feature prevents me from buying the Helix. Maybe it is a principle thing... I just don't understand why Line6's flagship guitar processor does not feature a built in wireless receiver... Do you know why? And is there any chance the Helix gets a new version / update in near future (12 months?) adding a receiver?
  2. Curious if the thread opener is satisfied with the suggested solutions. I also upgraded from a Spider IV 75 to a V 120 and faced the exact same disappointment after first rehearsal. Eventually I returned the 120 and upgraded to the new 240Head, which is also not ideal for me :(
  3. Confirmed. Latest firmware here as well. Got the same issue, plus additional problems with the display as can be read here:
  4. Without much knowledge, just fiddling around, I get very interesting and nice sounding clean and especially acoustic sounds out of my 240 head. But although I irrationally defended the word all over the web, that the Spider V high gain sounds feel forced and sound digital, like a plugin, I have to give in and say I'm not satisfied so far aswell. I hoped the baby speakers are the reason for my dissatisfaction, but played in rehearsal over the PA left the results unchanged. Now I'm flirting with the Helix, in hope it would be better. Pros use it, right? And it's thrice the price! So it's gotta be better. Scratching the web's articles and video comparisons of the 4 big players (I suppose) Kemper, AxeFX and Biashead, all said the same for the Helix, just like with the Spider V; High Gains aren't as good as one wishes. So, .. I'm thinking: but maybe the "not so great" Helix distortion sounds are still better than the Spider V's? That brings me to the question: Is the Helix even better than Spider V? I'd love to get some insights on why I should pick a Helix over the new Spider V 240 head. (So far only hard fact I have is a disadvantage: No relay g10 transmitter in the Helix) Thanks! kater louis
  5. I did, and Line6 said the retailer has to deal with it; which .. I kind of find odd, since it is clearly a manufacturing issue. What ever, it has to go back... I'm flirting with the Helix, anyway– But it doesn't have a built in relay receiver, right? :(
  6. Sorry if this may be trivial; but I just want to be sure: Am I right with my fears, that the Helix does not have a built in relay-receiver like the Spider V amps do? If so: Why?!! And is there any chance to get this in a software update later on? (probably a dumb question, but I'm grasping for straws here :X) It is not just an extra 100 bugs I could save; but less equipment to travel with; no need for an extra power plug socket.. another mini guitar cable... Please, tell me I'm wrong :X
  7. Thanks for the quick reply. The problem was on both 1.04 and 1.03. What good would it bring if the display would work fine with 888888 as a label. I want it to be reliable and working ALL the time. I don't know what you mean by "bad memory". Is that something I could fix myself?
  8. On startup the display works just fine and shows the Line6 logo in full bright and is clearly visible from every angle. But then each preset / menu screen has a different lighting intensitiy and sometimes there is 1 or 2 vertical pixel lines missing. Neither a software update nor a factory reset solved the problem. I made a video illustrating the bug. Is there anybody else with this problem? I'd like to fix it, .. sending it back is just a pain– Thanks, klouis PS: The speakers sound very itchy; curious if this is normal for these lil 4inch babies.
  9. Spider Edit doesn't even recognize the Amp or the board is connected. So yes, no preset moving– (sorry for my delayed answer)
  10. I bought the FBV3 and am very disappointed that I can't use spider IV edit with it. And I don't find an alternative for setting up my presets on the Spider IV 75 Both AMP (Spider IV 75) and FBV3 are on latest firmware. And both are registered online. FBV3 Connection to FBV Control software works great. I'm on Mac OS X 10.11.6 El Capitan and have Spider IV Edit 1.05.0 installed. Spider IV Edit works great with the FBV Express Mk2, which I am about to sell. So I need to be able to edit presets on my computer with the new FBV3. But how?
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