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  1. Would you still say this, being one year later? It feels to me like multiscale got quite the boost in the last months. Just a gut feeling, though– What do you think? Because.. it would be really awesome to get a slight fan on the Shuriken. Bends on the 27'' aren't pretty– Although I'm wondering if the longer scale length actually results in less pling or if they just exaggerated a bit for marketing purposes. If not, I'll give the 250 another shot.
  2. One advantage over the JTVs that Stevic always pointed out wherever he talked about the Shuriken, was the longer scale length and therefore higher tension on the strings. Now with the "normal" scale length, can we expect more pling by it? I wouldn't mind if the higher tension was an exaggerated argument to sell more Shurikens; because when the scale length doesn't necessarily bring better modeling quality, I'd give the Shuriken another chance and would go for a 250 this time, because bends on the 27 were really ouchy with 10-52 strings. What do you think?
  3. I don't know where else to post; doesn't seem worthy of it's own thread. Is it just me or is ideaScale slow as hell? The main page takes around 10 seconds to load, and searches or even the link to advanced search is taking literally forever ( – living in Germany, and my router / internet connection is not the issue. Every other page/service works as expected. Edit: After several minutes it results in "Error 503, service unavailable"
  4. My Helix is on 2.53 HX Edit on 2.52 (whyever they didn't sync these version numbers..) on a MacBook with latest high Sierra. Renaming Snapshots is easy: simply right click on the dropdown and choose "rename". But where on earth can you set a color for the stomp in HX edit? Please don't tell me this is only possible on the Helix itself. louis
  5. I'd like to keep it compact, like the "usual" stand design I tried this one "suited for off-set guitars", but it went straight back .. So it appears the only way is hanging it? But I use this fretwrap here (as probably most of us shuriusers do) and don't want to wear it out by rubbing and putting all this pressure to it when to guitar hangs on the neck. – So, how do you guys park this beast away during rehearsals and gigs?
  6. I also have the plink on low E and A string– got the 10-52 NYXL daddarios which defenitely helped, but is still not acceptable in my opinion. When I play the guitar amp-less (lack of better word :o) I think I can hear the sound producing the plink aswell– Can you guys relate to that?
  7. Yeah, changing models via snapshots is a great feature! But still: once you want a patch / snapshot to go back to the model that is selected, after you have forced a guitar with the Helix, you HAVE TO dial physically on the guitar.
  8. I often find myself hitting the switch right into bridge position when I strum– this happens most often when it is in middle setup, not in neck position, as one might think; Of course, one can easily say: "adjust your playing and be cautious with the strumming". One of Stevics major arguments for this technology is to make the guitar bend to your will; make things more convenient in order to "perform harder" – Since the placement of the switch is not so easy to alter, I wanna ask you guys the following: 1) Is the switch-unit itself "conventional" and therefore could be replaced? 2) If yes: do you guys know a switch that is shaped a little bit different so the I hit it less often / doesn't flip so easily? Shuriken isn't the only guitar with that switch placement– I can't be the only one bothered by this :D 3) If no: I'd even consider bend / curve the switch– do you see any problems in that regarding the technology? 4) Or maybe a different shaped plastic head / cap / tip (what's it actually called?) I'd really like to solve this issue; switching pickups on Variax guitars have way more consequences than on normal guitars ;D Thanks!
  9. Two new ideas, they go hand in hand. Optionally don't synchronize helix setting and guitar-knob: Helix Variax model setting: "Force back to guitar-knob-position" Thank you!
  10. I made two ideaScales for this. Please upvote :) Optionally don't synchronize helix setting and guitar-knob: Helix Variax model setting: "Force back to guitar-knob-position" Still curious on what you guys think :)
  11. I find this also very bothersome- There is an ideaScale for this: Vote it up, fellahs!
  12. Thank you very much! This solved the problem. Why it needs to be in stand by while charging is a mystery to me and a little bit inconvenient, but definitely no deal-breaker. This plug'n'play solution is so damn sweet to use!
  13. We got your point, cruisinon ;) Thing is: I also talked to Line6, where they confirmed the 8.8. as delivery date– This is what upsets me. All I want is reliable information I can work with– being put of from date to date to date is not only annoying, but very unprofessional in my opinion.
  14. (Please forgive if this is already covered in the forums; so many threads regarding the G10) I always charge my G10 after a session; then I simply switch off the whole rig, leaving the transmitter in the receiver, where I just charged it. Now I switch on the whole rig after a few days: The transmitter is COMPLETELY EMPTY. Is that normal or should I return the unit for another one? Thanks!
  15. Please excuse the misunderstanding. I failed to specify that the product has been deleted from the online store of the two biggest online retailers in Germany, Thomann and Musicstore. Two days ago both still showed the product with "available 8.8.2017" (in Thomanns case) and "ships 27.8.2017" (Musicstore) – I just want to know what is going on and when I can expect to get a Shuriken.
  16. I spoke to Line6 Germany on the phone, they confirmed the delivery-date of 8.8.2017 for Europe. Not only is there no guitar in my hands right now, but the product has been deleted from the website entirely. Did anybody here catch something to shed some light into this thing?
  17. Any news on this one? Playing the tabs right into guitar Pro 7 would be insanely awesome.
  18. I dare to speak for other readers aswell, when I say: It is quite unclear what the problem / circumstances / situation is. Please elaborate your issue a bit more.
  19. Thank you for the explanation. I feared that is the only way. I'd really like to control this via snapshots. If you feel the same: Vote it up!
  20. *gentle push in hope more people participate in this conversation*
  21. Excuse me if I just missed something- but I'd like to change strings volume per snapshot. I don't see an option to do that. If there is none, I wonder why? I don't want Helix to get all the controls HD workbench has (wait, why not?!), but Volume and Tuning quite often go hand in hand for me. Just recently I needed the last high strings to be a 'D' for a powerchord shredding part. But they were too loud :( Making a custom guitar just for this tuning is a real waste of custom models, plus: in a custom model I loose ability to combine the desired tuning/volume combo with other guitar models. Bummer!
  22. I'd appreciate it if you would add my ideaScale on a Block Edit Mode Thanks!
  23. Here is the ideaScale Thanks!
  24. Sorry; my internet connection broke down until now. So I couldn't post the already written ideaScale and couldn't edit this post. Now it's all there. Thanks for the link though :)
  25. Helix has sooo many blocks to offer. Even an experienced editor, knowing all blocks by heart, will cycle and play through many blocks in order to find the right one for the job. Doing this, it is not just annoying / incovenient to bow down to the Helix. It interupts the playing and therefore makes comparing harder; takes focus away from finding the right block. Helix Edit on a Computer doesn't solve this problem; you still have to stop playing, grab the mouse, find the cursor, move to the list of blocks, click to expand the list, select ur block, doubleclick– With the current build (2.21) you hold "Mode" for 2 seconds to get into "Parameter Edit Mode". I wanna suggest to go a step further and add the whole navigation on the main display to a second level Edit Mode: If you hold the button for 2 additional seconds, you come into "Block Edit Mode", which gives all the joysticks features + Bypass and Action to a whole new layer. From the block edit mode, you can navigate and highlight everything like you would with the joystick. Example for my suggested solution: I want to insert a new block on position 4 of Path 1A. 1. Hold MODE for 2 seconds to come to Parameter Edit mode 2. DONT STOP HOLDING for 2 more seconds to get into Block Edit Mode 3a. either press Enter for the list of all blocks and traverse with up, left, right, bottom 3b. traverse blocks with "prev" and "next" (maybe bad wording) > equvialent for spinning the joystick 4. Move to Slot 5 with "right" 5a / b. add another block 6. Realizing I want to switch positions, press Action 7. Push it left via "left" 8. "next", "next", "next", "That's the one!" 9. Press Parameter to get into the parameter edit mode directly for this block 10. Tweak some parameters 11. This is the only caveat in my solution so far. Getting back from this screen to the Block Edit Mode requires a new button; but currently everything is full. Maybe "Exit and Save" can go to "Back to Block Edit Mode" (only when you came to this screen from the Block Edit Mode) 12. Smile I hope this rundown wasn't too confusing. For potential clearness I visualized how the mode could look
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