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  1. Oh! Written text can be tricky. The optician joke was meant purely ironic. I now see that it could be received otherwise. Sorry for that. No intention to offend you. I like talking about possible improvements and get the feel this forum is the place for this. The whole reason why I want to help improving is that I find it truly awesome and almost perfect. Back to topic: Changing the resolution didn't solve the pixelated-issue, besides I don't want the editor to be crispy so badly, that I make everything else unnecessarily larger.
  2. Setting up my sounds I always use the Helix on the table. No need to press the stomps with the foot during the sound-finding-process. Although the editor has advantages, I still like the hardware more. 0) The editor on Mac is really pixelated; 1) Huge delay/lag from editor to Helix 2) Mouse dragging the parameters simply isn't as responsive .. highly subjective, but I feel like I'm more precise with the knobs; 3) Assigning foot switches is way easier (and cooler) by long-touching the stomps. Another thing that bothers me with the editor.. In the Spider V remote app you can work on patches with no hardware connected to it, and then save it into the Cloud. Since for the Helix there are way more possibilities and therefore more work for your tired mouse hand, it would be great if you could do that maybe while being on the train. :D
  3. The problem is, that it looks really crappy :D – It's blurry and just looks broken. No fun to look at it. The effect is intense when you switch between Retina apps and the Helix editor. Maybe the effect isn't that obvious on a iMac, since it is further away from the eyes. Try going very close with your face and switch between apps. If you still don't notice a difference, I suggest visiting optician 8) I wonder if this issue will get addressed in a future update. This pixelish look takes away some seriousness and professionalism – maybe you think this is spoiled whinery. But convincing people of how stable the Helix is gets a little harder, when they see the editor ;)
  4. The editor surely has some advantages (keyboard, obviously; backing up, moving whole sets; import / export; model pictures) But when it comes to fiddling around with parameters, the Baby-knob-dials on the Helix itself are pure sugar! Anyhow– there will be times when you edit on the Helix itself, so I'm not giving up on this idea :) That's exactly what I'm saying! We have an misunderstanding here, I guess :) Final example: Imagine a freshly saved preset with a nice delay, called Block A. Next I want to try out some other delays, therefore I move to Block A and turn the joystick-dial. Block A is now switched out with Block B, which directly alters the sound. The only thing that permanently "locks" Block B in this position is pressing down the joystick. Anything else deletes Block B and sets Block A back into it's place. So moving away from an unconfirmed block (Block B in this example) immediately restores the initial block that otherwise would have been overwritten. I fiddle around with parameters from Block B (still unconfirmed!), and decide to move on to Block C, so I turn the dial. Block B and it's parameters are gone for good now. I go on with this up to Block G, where I decide this is what I want. I press the joystick-dial down, Block G is confirmed and locked into place. Block A is now deleted and gone for good. What now is debatable: Does changing the parameters also requires a final confirm? It would be more consequent, once introduced to the confirmation-thingy. I'd say dialing the six baby-knobs on accident is highly unlikely, compared to the joystick-dial. So for speed / user convenience I wouldn't require baby-dial changes to be confirmed. Only block switches. Let's get a Line6-developer on the phone! I'm getting more and more curious how complicated this actually would be :D
  5. This seems to be a "agree-to-disagree-situation". I don't see my request as a luxury-feature for spoiled PC / Mac users. It is not just that potential mistakes result in a loss of time. It may be that I cannot get the exact sound back, that I just had right. Probably not the biggest deal breaker for advanced and experienced sound-people; but definitely really frustrating when results come from trial and error. Having to think about and constantly keeping track of "when did I last save?" distracts from what I was going to do. One of the biggest reasons I prefer the Helix over Spider V is that it takes so much back and forth away, when it comes to building sounds. This would be so much stronger with a "confirm-new-block" approach. Although I see where your argument comes from, I absolutely think some way to prevent my settings getting lost by a simple mishandling of a fairly complex knob is worth it. Do you know how the Helix is programmed, when you say "no underlying API"? I'd love to hear a Line6-Gurus opinion if "store former (confirmed) block in background and wait with overwriting until joystick is pressed" would really result in a "FAT Helix"–
  6. Sounds like a good rule of thumb, cruisinon2 ;) That's why I'm asking you folks; any reliable information flaoting through the room? Give it to me :> –
  7. Firstly, your concern that solution 3) won't suite everyone is why I said: Hide 3) behind a global setting for people like me. Secondly, I don't see a reason why dialing and therefore "temporarily elevating the block in wait to get confirmed" would not apply the sound of this temp block to the chain. The former block just needs to be stored in the background and gets reapplied when the new block gets canceled in any way. Be it pressing HOME or just moving to another block with the JOYSTICK. Again: I imagine 3) to still change the sound, so browsing doesn't change at all. Undoing by patch switching does not only undo this last "dial mistake". It changes everything back to the last save state. And that can be infinite changes later. Spamming save after every change when you are clumsy as me may be a workaround, but absolutely cannot be called a solution in my opinion.
  8. The problem: Blocks can contain up to 4 pages of settings. Wow! That’s a lot. So many blocks per patch. Wow! So many settings! I’m not an expert in sound and spend quite some time to get satisfying results. The joystick is my best friend here; constantly up, left, left, down– DOH! I rotated the dial … and turning it back faster than the Flash doesn't bring my settings back.. The result: I live in a crazy love-hate-relationship with this precious joystick. My best friend and worst foe at the same time. Getting hurt so many times made me smash this save button like a lunatic! Suggested Solutions: 1) UNDO: always saving in fear of accidentally dialing the joystick and losing the settings is no fun. In the "Action menu" slot 6 would be perfect for an UNDO feature. Pressing it would stay in action menu in case I want to go Undo even further. Nice! Maybe Redo on slot 5 aswell? A short highlight / or focus on the redone block as indicator would be good aswell. 2) DISABLE JOYSTICK DIAL: option in global settings that dial turning doens’t switch blocks. 2b) DIALING WITH MODIFIER: option in global settings that dial turning only switches blocks while pressing / holding HOME 3) DIAL > FLASH > CONFIRM: Dialing highlights / visually elevates the block like in "action-menu-mode", indicating that it still "needs to be pressed down again" to actually get the new block assigned. Meaning: Dial switch needs a joystick press to confirm. Anything else would restore the former status of the slot (former block or blank space). Suggestion 1) would definitely be handy in general, but I like 3) the most and think the visual indication of flashing / switching between elevation and grounded is strong and clear enough to communicate a required confirm. And even if the user forgets a 100 times to confirm the newly dialed in block; he would never lose an hour or more of work. The other problem: I press the joystick-knob to enter the block-browser. Almost any action from here instantly overwrites my precious block. Wow! I just wanted to browse. Do we really want to force the user to go to a blank spot just to browse? But even then: I just wanted to browse, and don’t insert the block; so I really have to go back all the way up to „X None“? No way to cancel? Suggested Solution: 4) Add some way of canceling. Home button? (Although I think this is not obvious enough, too passive and therefore too weak) 5) just like in 3) a block only gets inserted by pressing the joy-stick knob down. Profit! Although I highly suggest to making 3) & 5) the default behavior I see that this would lollipop of people already working with it for 2 years. I’m cool with hiding it behind a global setting alá „Confirm new blocks with Joystick-Press“. As it is now, I get really paranoid to lose my settings while working on presets (no joking this time). Not a nice feeling :(
  9. I definitely think "remember the mode per preset" is a really good thing. When new features / ideas pop into my mind, I always check them for realizability – it should still be convenient and clear to the user. Having either all or no patches remember their last set mode weakens the desired flexibility with this feature in my opinion. Your suggested global option results again in a pick-your-poison-situation. I maybe only want 2 patches to remember they are in "no-bank-mode". That being said I can't come up with a transparent solution to communicate that this preset is in "remembering status". When not settable in global settings, I also have no clue where to put the switch between "remember status" and "use global mode setting" – Longpress Mode-switch already has a function mapped to it, so that's no option to go into "remember status". I find visual indicators also very important; But where and how to put it? Maybe inverting the "Mode Switch" (bright background and dark text) And what happens when I have a patch in "remembering status" and change the mode? Do I have to save it or does it remember without? What would be better, anyhow? Should that be another option in the settings? It's a tricky thing, but definitely worth integrating, as long as the concept doesn't interfere or makes other features "more cloudy". I just fear if not implemented correctly there is high risk to get into situations where the user is like "what is happening? Where's the mode!?", when they don't know the feature and accidentally switched to "remember status". Most of the illustrated challanges would be neglected with your suggested global setting "Use global setting" / "Per Patch Remember". Maybe that's the way to go, after all. Rather a "weaker version" than a "too confusing and harder to implement" one :D As for your suggestion for the "Free assignment" – I don't see any reason to hide my request behind an option. I see it just as an additional way to integrate snapshots. You can assign so many things in the command center (90% of which I don't know what they are doing :D) – So why not just add a "Snapshot" value for the first dial-knob which then popsup the second with a number from 1-8. The command center already has all the tools to label and colorize– under the hood the programmers maybe need to put some work into the details, to preserve features as "copy snapshot" when touch-holding 2 snapshot stomps or to change the character-limit while customizing a snapshot stomp, since it has an additional logo next to it, which the other options don't have. But cmon– look at this peace of gear; don't try to tell me these details would be reason to keep them from doing it ;)
  10. I disagree with the argument "harder to keep in head"– If that's an issue for me, I can easily make sure that snapshots are always on the same stomps. (Or is there an misunderstanding here? :D)
  11. Custom tone library is great. But downloading and importing when you just wanna browse and listen to the possibilities is braking things– That's something where I found the Spider V cloud better. Are there any plans to implement a connection to the Custom Tone library into the Helix Editor? Thanks!
  12. For those who care :) I got my hands on a Helix and there is absolutely no discussion for me anymore. The flexibility is insane.. right out of the batch I got so much better distorted results. I am simply blown away by the customization possibilities. Such a great concept– I'm a designer / concepter and therefore my brain is doomed to wanting to improve everything. Very rare that I am this satisfied with a user interface. I wouldn't be suprised if I found out I could compute Footswitch 4 to call 911 :D The Helix takes a lot of haziness away from the whole tone-building thing. Hard- and Software are so crystal clear that my mind can fully concentrate on the sound I want. The combination with Helix editor is another huge workflow improvement. Only thing that doesn't stop to bother me: The preset knob feels exactly the same as the joystick-knob. When I use the preset knob I almost always end up using it like a joystick. I don't say it should be a joystick, but then the UI should at least offer a way to go back from the right window (presets) to the left window (folders / sets) without needing to switch my hand to the joystick knob. Besides that, almost every other big question mark painted on my forhead vanished by just using the Helix and trying out things (like: What are the square-brackets on some values? What's the difference between bypass and controller assignment?) – That's the hardest task of every UI, and Line6 did an excellent job on this one. I just love the details and the versatility; so many paths to Rome! Often it's easier and more comfortable to use the hardware on your table to setup the sounds, rather than Helix Editor; Wow! Super duper nice: Double tapping SAVE saves it instantaneously! No Need to press the lil knob far away on the bottom right! I'm thrilled to see where this will go in the future. Although I made my peace with almost everything that kinda bugs me, there is still room for improvement (like everywhere in life). But as the snapshot-update shows, Line6 is motivated to get this thing perfect :>
  13. Funny, just requested something similar: In short: Being able to assign Snapshots in "Command center" would do the magic, right? You could go "full stomp mode" and assign the Snapshots wherever you want.
  14. Thanks for the quick answer! 1. Aaah! Press and turn. Great– 2. Got it, boss! 3. Helix is so customizable; "Mode switching" is great, but I don't see any reason not to make snapshots assignable to Stomps over the Command Mode and bind Snapshots solely to the "Bank mode". Being able to assign only 2 snapshots, wherever I want, would make more use out of the available foot switches. Right now it's pick your poison: a) use awesome snapshots and lose 2 / 4 switches (regarding on "Stomp Mode Switches" setting) or B) don't use snapshots at all. Does Line6 take the forums into account while developing or can I make a "formal feature request"?
  15. I'm on firmware 2.20-07d9434 and have some questions / requests. 1) Simple EQ for example is resetting to default, when I press the knobs in. Whereas other blocks get white values with square-brackets. Bug or intended? If the latter: Why? 2) Once (maybe accidentally) set to "white-square-bracket-snapshot-mode" > how can I return? Sometimes pressing the know again does the magic, sometimes not? 3a) When I only need 2 snapshots, could I put them on "normal stomp positions"? This would fit perfectly as a command in the Command Center. 3b) I now would like to rename / label the Snapshots ("Distorted", "Clean" etc.) and assign custom colors? Like with normal bypass / controller assignments. Thanks, Louis
  16. Helix is forced to go in low resolution mode and doesn't let me change it? I am wondering if I am the only MBPr user experiencing this. I hope so :o
  17. I plugged headphones (AKG K240 MkII) into the Helix and use it as a sound interface with my MacBook Pro. Can I tell the Helix to pan the guitar output left and the input that's coming from my MacBook to the right? Thanks!
  18. No, that wasn't a joke. I figured it's completely nuts, but gave it a shot anyways. I hoped the investment (and research) for proper monitors / cab could wait a lil longer. In rehearsal and for gigs my band has a decent and robust PA, that's what I play on every thursday :) Just to lollipop you off a little bit more: How about proper headphone usage until I have time to dig into monitors etc.? ;) I have an AKG k240 Mark II : (Forgive me the mocking; I'm just weighing my options here)
  19. First of: This may not be the right place to start a discussion about this, but .. – everything found in Spider V cloud is a huge disappointment to me, – Line6 Custom Tone ( doesn't feature Spider V (because of the cloud I guess) – and the Line6 Tone Templates are may be a good starting point, but stay too vague (for me at least) – The rest of the web is too confusing to me. That's why I want to ask the Spider V community directly. I am just getting into the sound-analysis-and-recreation-thingy and am really struggling to get the hang of it. In whatever I do, at some point the "Aaaha!" moment hits my forhead and I from then begin to control the matrix. But to get there it seems I need your help in this hobby. –––––––––––––––––––––––– GUITAR My Variax JTV69 is on factory Spank 5 (Neck-Pickup is what he mostly uses? Mixed information aswell here) AMP as suggested here I went with the Brit Plexi 200 here. Problem #1: he uses two amp setups. (Hail Helix, babe!) Problem #2: Tone equalizer isn't present in this PDF. What bass, mids and treble? Presence? Drive? I googled and found the amp-eq here: Bass 12'clock Mids 2'a'clock Treble 12 Presence 13 This sounds okay. But still faaar away from his sound. The PDF mentions some effects from the Californication tour. Do they apply to Dani California as well? I don't know! :D Even if; the settings are completely missing here. That's what I got so far; I know that the setup is only 50% of what makes the sound, – but if I want a chance on getting the other 50% even half right, I need more on the other 50% to support me and tickle out the best of my hands. What I now want from you guys: 1) (obviously) insight on what effects, knob positions, postEQ, you use for this song 2) maybe some resources or good starting points to get this AHA moment soon! Please be gentle with me, partypeople :) I'm learning and highly motivated to do it on my own next time! Thank you very much, Louis PS: These are some huuuuge paragraph margins :D
  20. I preordered 6 weeks ago and am shaking, because I heard release is "early spring" – well; it's early spring! Does anyone know specifics? My retailer said he expects it to come in June! June!! :O
  21. Okay, okay! I got it :D – Helix no wireless :) – I made my piece with it I'm still struggling with the decision wether the Helix is (for my use) actually worth the extra 1.000bugs over the 240hc. I guess it comes down to just testing it out– Do you guys think it would be enough to use my home cinema Hifi speakers with the Helix? Important for me is, that I can work at home on the sounds and get an at least close representation of the sound in rehearsal or even live. (Oh boi, I'm afraid this will make things even more complicated :'( )
  22. Is there a list with more overview? I'm thinking a nice PDF with pictures of the effects next to it's explanations and heritage etc. It's pretty inconvenient to switch back and forth between the list and the Tablet app.
  23. I see what you are aiming at; thing is: I am not a professional; I didn't study music theory and honestly struggle really hard with understanding tone. "Capable hands" may get the same out of all of these devices. In this case I absolutely agree with you, Helix is king. But looking at my Spider V 240 head; just playing around with clean tones and especially acoustic, I get really beautiful sounds, that please me very much, whereas the distortion sounds bother my "layman-ears", no matter how long I tweak them. This dissatisfaction does not come from youtube reviews I heard over my MacBook speakers. So you see "how easy the device makes it for me to get nice-sounding high gains" is a factor for me. But back to topic :) – I fell in love with the Helix already and the main question in the room for me is: Helix or Spider V 240HC I'd like to get your opinion on this, @DunedinDragon
  24. Okay, thanks. Final questions: 1) Can we expect a Helix mark II in the near future? (like Is there a somewhat softly "predictable hardware-update-circle" line6 follows?) 2) What's your guess regarding a built-in receiver for a possible Helix II?
  25. Please share the the channel link of this YouTuber; I'd like to watch his vids. I'm especially eager to see his use of PEQ; no idea where to begin, when he says "shape the tone"–
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