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  1. Thanks a lot, I'll try this, had no ideia! Between those two options, any advice?
  2. Hi everyone. I'm using the following setup: Guitar to helix, 4 cable method to Carvin Legacy VL300 amp, amp to Carvin Legacy 412 cab, and xlr outputs to mixer then stereo cabs. I'm also feeding a stereo loop pedal via sends 3 and 4. So: Guitar -> Helix guitar in -> Helix Send 1 -> Amp In -> Amp Send -> Helix Return 1 -> Helix Send 2 -> Amp Return (i use the send 2 instead of the 1/4" out because this way the volume is not affected by the helix volume knob). Also: Helix Xlr Outs to mixer, and Sends 3 and 4 to Loop Pedal, then mixer. You can see the scheme in the picture Problem is, when i plug the guitar straight to the amp, there's no noise, no hum, everything clear on all chanels. When i plug the guitar to helix straight to mixer, with amp simulations, no noise, no hum, everything clear. When i use the 4CM, lots of noise. You can hear it in the video. first guitar straight to amp. then plug the guitar to helix guitar in, and the remaining 3 cables. And you'll hear the diference... https://youtu.be/D6eNThp-BkM Already tried: -change all the cables, audio and power. -plug the power to diferente places, then same place. -change the outs from line to instrument, and vice-versa. Nothing works. Any guesses??
  3. i have two EV-5 and they both have the same issue. when i go up, sometimes they stay on 100%, but other times on 99 or 98. Back down, sometimes 0%, sometimes 1 or 2... anyone with same issue?
  4. I have a problem with my expression pedal, it doesn't go down to 0% unless i pull it hard with my hand! it usualy stays around 40%. It's the same whether i use it as a wha, volume pedal, or to control anything. so i guess it might be a mechanical problem... i already use the wrench to losen it more, didn't work, then use it to tighten it more, and it's always the same result... any thoughts? you can see it in the video Thanks!
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