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  1. So i can just plug the pod into any cabinet? such as this 2 x 12 http://www.bigmusicshop.com.au/evh-5150-iii-2x12-speaker-cab-ivory.html and not have to have a power amp or anything else?
  2. So the gear i have: Hd500x, Peavey Vip-2 combo amp (does not have an fx loop, only guitar in) Ibanez RGix27feqm. I play mainly djent/metalcore stuff and ive had great success with the hd500x at home with my combo but im not close to playing live shows and am worried what my options will be. Ive read going straight to PA is a good option and if i have this choice thats what ill do but alot of the venues i may be playing at wont have that option on offer. I have seen some great deals on EVH 5150III 2x12's and can afford to get one of those but ive read that you need a power amp for this or something like that. Im kind of confused and need some advice as to what i can do/ what i need to buy. Thanks
  3. You guys are right sorry should have done that in the first place. Setup: ibanez 7 string with emg 707's set to the bridge pickup but sometimes on the neck setting. Plugged into the hd500x which is then plugged into the front of my peavey VIP-2 combo which unfortunately doesn't have an input setup for effects, just the instrument in.
  4. I literally cannot get a single good clean tone. Even the ones of customtone sound like absolute lollipop. And when its slightly average its still insanely quiet so i have to do something to make it louder but then it becomes distorted. Any help? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sz-grkFv8Ac. This tone at 0:30 is what im looking for.
  5. So i bought the hd500x recently and am loving it but when i try to practice a whole song with multiple presets being used it shows syncing on the screen as i swap even when i havent changed any presets! im afraid that when i play live it will do this and will make preset changing impossible. My pod is plugged into hd500x edit is that the problem?? please help thanks
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