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  1. This update is seriously amazing! I wasn't expecing to see so many cool new gear pieces in there. Amazing job Line 6! I made a little demo video to showcase some of my favorite new features:
  2. Thanks for checking the comparison! Ripping the audio isn't really what I'd like people to do tbh... I did add timecodes in the description so that people can skip between the segments.
  3. While we're waiting for the next firmware I thought I'd share something fun! It all started when I wanted to make a comparison of all my 26 tube amps. Yes, I have a lot of amps haha but that doesn't stop me from also really loving my Helix's. Anyway, so I was working on this comparison/shoot-out thing but then I realised that it would be a lot of fun and very interesting to also include my Helix rack. Just to see (or prove really) how well it stacks up when compared to all those real amps. I personally think that the Helix did a tremendous job here. Fun fact: I chose some amp models that I haven't used often (or at all) before and also amps that model none of the real amps in the comparison. For the simple reason that all the amps are unique here so I also wanted the Helix to be unique, if that makes any sense. Anyway, I'd be happy to talk about this for hours but I'll post the comparison. I would love to know your brutally honest thoughts, did you also think the Helix did just as well as the amps?
  4. in the California Duo:
  5. Hey guys, Got my Helix Rack + Control integrated into my recording setup as well as my HX Stomp and HX Effects (not to mention Helix Native). I'm really happy with my setup now because it's really flexible. My Helix rack is my favorite piece of the setup as it's going to give me so much creative freedom and inspiration. So I thought it would be fun to make a little rundown/walk-through of my recording setup and wanted to share this here with you guys.
  6. Hey everybody, happy holidays to you all! The Line 6 Helix (Native, HX Stomp etc) is my favorite amp modeling platform and because of the holidays I wanted to give something back to the awesome Helix community. So I made this video. It features all my electric guitars. I have 24 guitars and they're all pretty different. Some are baritones, some are 7 or 8 strings, some have single coils, some are active etc. I wanted to feature them all in one single video and share all the preset settings so you can use them with your own Line 6 device. I tried to use a lot of different amp models although Badonk got used a couple of times because it's just so awesome for metal haha. I even tried some amps that I never used before and they all sounded great to me. There are clean, crunch, rhythm and lead clips in there. Happy Holidays to you all! I hope you enjoy: PS: I would love to know how these presets translate on your end! We all use different guitars and pickups so that would be very interesting to hear about...
  7. Yep, that's also how I work often. That's why Native is also so nice, just the added functionality when you want to change or automate something during the mixing process.
  8. For sure! What kind of approach do you prefer in general?
  9. Hey guys, Helix is straight up lovely and you know it! I felt like making a video that would sum up everything that's great about this platform: I'd love to know how you build your presets too. I know guys who need at least 12 blocks to get a good tone and others 2, it's interesting to me that approaches can vary so much. Do you prefer the simple approach like me, or do you like to add a bunch of blocks to finetune your sound?
  10. Hey guys, Made a new HX Effects demonstration video. I'm running it in 4 cm method with the amps speaker out going to a loabox which is then going back into the HX FX. The HX FX is taking care of all the effects as well as IR loading with an OwnHammer 212 ORNG M25 IR. Love how this sounds! It would be amazing if Line 6 decided to add more Orange amps to the Helix platforms... I guess we'll see.
  11. It's interesting to me to see what people like! I didn't really like the Lepou one at all since the low end doesn't seem to have any real definition.
  12. Hey guys! I recently got a Dual Rectifier. Simply because I've always wanted one. Ever since reading about it in a POD manual actually. So Line 6 inspired me to get the real amp, which is cool! I had to make a comparison so I thought I'd share it here too. I compare the recto to Helix but also to pod farm which is surprisingly good still! :) Don't want to reveal to much of my thoughts just yet but it's safe to say that Line 6 did a great job ;)
  13. Hey guys, just released episode 3! Thanks to Yosh for providing the DI's!
  14. Hey guys! I LOVE Line 6's modeling and I will very likely use their amp modeling until the day I die! However, I hadn't owned a 'proper' tube amp in years and I thought HX FX would be a great centerpiece and brain of my new tube rig. So far I'm really really loving this thing. It sounds amazing of course but the features and routing options etc are really incredible. It didn't take much effort to integrate this pedal into the new tube amp rig. For this first video the setup is quite simple. It's a metal track with mainly rhythm guitars but the HX has a big part to play in the sound. Not only do I use it for a noise gate and a flanger, it also takes care of the OwnHammer IR loading and room reverb. For this I'm using a type of 4cm but I explain it better in the video. Hope you enjoy this video, there are many more videos with Hx Effects to come!
  15. Hey guys, I love to use my JTV-59 for classic-ish rock tones. I almost always just use the magnetic pickups since they do such a good job. Pair that with the Helix's Placater Dirty amp and OwnHammer 412 FMAN IR's and BOOM, you've got tone! Check it out in this video:
  16. Hey guys, I came up with a new fun idea for a video series! The concept is simple: My viewers send me DI tracks of some guitars along with some drum and bass stems. I then reamp the guitars with VST plugins only, so no real amps. It's been fun and interesting so far. I'm planning on doing other platforms as well but so far Helix Native has worked out very well. Here is episode 1: And I've just released episode 2: Hope you enjoy!
  17. Hey guys, I came up with a new fun idea for a YouTube show. It's called The Reamp Show and I basically reamp guitar tracks that were sent in by my viewers. I have done a bunch of tutorials using my own DI's but I still sometimes get comments from folks who say that the settings just don't work for them. In some cases the tones sound a little bit too dull with my settings for example. Stuff like that happens because DI's simply can sound pretty different from one another. Also the play style from guitarist can differ quite a bit from person to person as well as the guitars and pickups themselves. The fact that I use DI's from people other than myself will hopefully make this show more interesting because I'll show you how you can deal with DI's in many different situations. The first episode features DI tracks by David Furrevig. David, if you're out there, I hope you enjoy! If you also want me to use your DI's in a future episode just send me a message via my official Sonic Drive Studio facebook page. Hope you enjoy: Episode 2:
  18. So which one do you prefer? Sure, they all sound a bit similar but Helix has the sound that probably is the most pleasing because of the overall EQ curve. The extra bite or definition that the Axe FX III has coule be more realistic but it sometimes comes at the price of a little added harshness. Now I do love both because both are very great to work with and sound stellar, I just think that Helix wins in this case. Not necessarily because of realism but because of how pleasant they sound in the mix. Minor differences though.
  19. Hey everybody, Here's another comparison video! This one focuses all on emulations of the Friedman BE100, a very well known amp! I know these sorts of videos often spark discussions, which is ok of course, but how about we look it from this perspective: each of the platforms in this video is AWESOME and has features that make that particular platform unique and powerful in it's own way. For example, what I like about Helix Native (aside from how good it sounds) is that I can automate parameters and easily change the tones while I'm mixing. This is a huge deal for me! On the other hand, the Axe FX III has a lot of amp models and a lot of very high quality effects and routing options etc. while also having a slightly crispier sound than the Helix. I do love Helix in it's own right, the mids just sound very good so the guitars sit in the mix very well. All of the unique line 6 effects are very cool to have too and I wouldn't want to live without those! But could I choose a favorite between those 2?? I think not.... Thermionik is quite different than the other two; it's made by a very small one man company for one, it's affordable and all the amps have all the channels and switches modeled. However, does it sound as good as the other 2? I'll let you decide! Let's celebrate how amazing all the tools are that we have at our disposal now, let's have some fun and look at the differences without making this a war! Or is war inevitable?? ;) Hope you enjoy:
  20. Hey guys, I recently posted a video I did with my ESP LTD SC-20 and the Helix Badonk amp model. I got quite a few requests for a tone tutorial so I figured I'd make another one for you guys. Hope you enjoy:
  21. Thanks! You have a point of course. It just felt really good this time. It probably has to do with the other instruments as well. The way they all work together.
  22. Hey guys, I was working on a production last week with a new guitar. It's an ESP LTD SC-20 Stephen Carpenter model in green with a Seymour Duncan JB in the bridge position. I never had a guitar with that pickup but it sounds MEAN! As usual for huge metal crunch tones I chose the Badonk. It's honestly my favorite amp for tight but big metal/rock tones. It requires some tweaks from default but once you get it right it's very hard to beat. It just sounds sooo meaty. A couple of tweaks that I like to do by default is lower the depth almost all the way, say to 0.2. Set bass to about 5 or maybe a little less, turn up presence to about 7 ish and treble to about 6 ish. This should be a good starting point! I'm curious to know what you guys think!
  23. Hey dudes! I seriously can't get over how good the L6 Badonk amp sounds (when dialed in well...). The default settings do have a LOT of bass so I usually have to dial down the bass and depth controls quite a bit. Anyway, I got this new Schecter guitar last week with Fishman Fluence Modern pickups and I thought I'd make a demo to test this guitar with Badonk. I think it sounds pretty sick! The low end on this guitar is pretty well balanced I must say...
  24. Hey guys, I released another tutorial video today for you guys. This one is all about that HUGE metal crunch. I think Helix does this very well. Let me know if there's anything else you'd like me to cover in a future video!
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