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  1. Hey guys, Just released this new Helix video. I really wanted this to be a solid rock track with a few different types of tones. I initially wanted to use a marshall amp model but I ended up using the Solo amp models exclusively for the guitars. The midrange on those amps is just insane! For the bass I used the Tuck n' Go amp with the Obsidian 7000 drive pedal. After some tweaking with that pedal I found that for me it works best when the eq is set completely flat. I'm using some very nice IR's from OwnHammer that are quite new and unique! It's the MR82 which can be found here: It's based on a Marshall 4x12 tall cab. Definitely check those out if you dig the tones. Here is the song!
  2. Hi everybody! I just finished a new tune with my new LTD Baritone guitar into the Helix and it's sounding pretty darn massive! Someone suggested that I try the Fatality Line 6 original amp with this guitar and it is a great pairing. This guitar is tuned to drop-Ab so the amp model has to handle the low tunings well. I did use a tubescreamer model up front though, to tighten up the low end more. For the Cab sound I used some new OwnHammer IR's from the 412 Recto cab which is available now at I used the V70B for the main rhythms and a couple of the other ones for the additional parts. It's safe to say this is by far my favorite cab to use now so I highly recommend checking it out! Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy!
  3. Hey guys, I've made a short and simple IR loading tutorial for the Helix. It's mainly geared towards beginners but I also explain how I choose my OwnHammer IR's. I hope this helps some of the guys who are new to the platform and/or OwnHammer.
  4. Hey guys, Here is a new Helix video for you! It's an alternative rock song using my Fender American Special Stratocaster. I'm running that into the Helix using the new wonderful OwnHammer Class-A Duo IR's. I'm using a couple of different amps but for the main tones I chose the Mandarin 80 model. It sounds pretty nice with my strat and those OH IR's. After the song I also demonstrate the presets. Enjoy!
  5. Thanks so much guys! (ps: I just realized I used my old Line 6 forum account to post this.., this is my current account)
  6. These days I almost always end up using the OH1 mixes from the quick start folder. Always using the same mixes really keeps things easy and it allows you to quickly find the cab that fits the tone for the song. A couple of my favorite packs: I mostly use the California Duo and the Heavy Hitters collection. You simply can't go wrong with those. Next to that I also really dig the Orange 2x12, Diezel, all the Mar-CB options, the Engl and things like the Bogner OS 2x12.
  7. Hi everyone! I'm new here but definitely not new to Line 6 as I have used their gear extensively for the past 15 years or so. I got my brand new Helix a few days ago and I am very happy with it! I made a video for my YouTube channel in which I give my initial impressions, show off some sounds (in a full mix, bass included) and I also talk a bit about using IR's with the Helix. I hope you enjoy this video, I sure had a blast making it. I'll be doing way more Helix videos in the future so if you are interested in seeing more please hit subscribe. If you have any questions I'd be happy to answer them all. Cheers!
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