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  1. http://line6.com/data/6/0a06434d8c33507efa29b63f4/application/pdf/Spider%20IV%2015%20Pilot's%20Guide%20-%20English%20(%20Rev%20F%20).pdf Page 4 point 2
  2. The amp models don't just change the way the distortion and eq reacts,it also loads a factory preset and ignores the knobs,if you want Full knob control everytime you switch channels turn: smart fx a and b ,a tone ,drive and volume,and it goes into full knob control
  3. On battry power i tried,it's even a small laptop,to eliminate all possibilities of interference
  4. Hmm i moved to an other outlet in a different room even,with a laptop and a new usb interface cable and still,the hiss is coming in the cable,better be said is not hiss,is the 50HZ sound from the live mains input
  5. Sound quality wise it 's really good.no hissing at all when i use it with the guitar and it did not hiss before i turned the master volume at 12 o' clock and now the hiss is permanent As stereo/mono wise the cable is mono EDIT: Maybe because i have a pc,a minibar fridge and tons of charging adapters on the same multisocket surge protection there is noise on the ground pin that gets into the amp ground?
  6. If your amp haves one use the mp3 imput,it goes directly into the amp controlled by the master volume knob
  7. Not an issue,that's the factory default amp preset. No issue,that's the default amp preset. When you set the channels it loads the factory preset and ignores the knobs,in order to enable the knobs you need to spin each smart fx,a tone control and volume in order to make it full knob controlls.
  8. I am recording the amp with a Ubisoft cable from rocksmith wich is a interface from jack to usb,after i crancked the master volume to half and then back down it started hissing,i tested with an other cable too but still i got hissing,anybody knows what happened? (i can even record it)
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