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  1. hi , to play with a singer , I have to go down a half tone for a song . Is there an effect who makes that without altering the original sound please ?
  2. I have the Tech 21 Power Engine Deuce Deluxe . Very happy with it
  3. Hi I have a problem with effects . They not appeared all available when I select a block . Some of them are unlighted . Anybody has the same problem ? Thanks for your help
  4. after update, my G10 unload very quickly and doesn't seem to load correctly .... Is anyone having the same problem ?
  5. hi, a question about compatibility between the differents sizes of spider V I 've bought a spider V 60 2 years ago to play at home . Now I'm playing in a band and unfortunatly no direct output in this amp . Is it possible to use my tones i've created and saved on my PC if i bought a spider V 90 or 120 for example ? thanks for help
  6. still no result ... do I have to choose audio pist or midi or instrument . When I play, i can see a signal come in because I can see moves on the diagram at the bottom . But when I want to listen what I've just recorded, no sound ...
  7. thanks a lot, and which output ?
  8. Hi I have problems to connect my spider V with Qbase in my PC . Anyone could help me please . Is there anywhere a video or a topo to explain the way to connect it ? Thanks for your help so needed !
  9. christian30


    hi I download cubase but my Pc doesn't recognise my spider V when I open cubase . Is it necessary to have a sound card to use it? Is there an user guide to start with cubase and my spider please ?
  10. gilmour time Amp Angel P-ball cab 4X12 brit V30 micro 57S DRIV 1h BAS11h, MID 10h, TREB 10h * COMPR : on * DST : BOOST +EQ Gain : 65 % * DLY : stereo Mix : 38% time 555 offset 61% * REV Large Hall Hope it will be usefull
  11. hi perhaps while waiting for a pc programm to edit share and stock ours created sounds should it be possible to exchange by notes or schemas ? if anyone is interested i can give the parameters for 3 sounds i made . They can be listened at
  12. bought a spider V ,really need a pc connection to edit and save the sounds . If not i will change of amp ...
  13. my nokia can't connect ... You should really do a mean to connect with a PC please !
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