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  1. Tried all the suggestions, same as the others - Monkey won't launch and stay buncing the ap doesn't launch. On Yosemite 10.10, thanks!
  2. I've a bouncing Monkey but don't start after i've cancelled old sw and installed only new driver. New driver had resoved the panic crash but no more. And now? No Gearbox for X3L no Monkey for HD500!
  3. it's a shame that you do not do anything to maintain parity between the your products calling to the fact that now you have other (which they suck compared to older and that does not change). Also proved not to be not reliable supplier for the future since every change let customers in dire conditions. Today the products have 70% of the performance related to the operation of software, if the prospect is to be abandoned at any cabio product I do not need a firm unserious as Line 6
  4. Monkey when I try to open it directily from the application forlder, it is added to the dock like all other open applications, but bounces. It does not have the dot underneath the icon that indicates the app is open, and my task bar does not recognize the program as open. I've tried adding it to the dock and opening it there, opening it in the applications folder, the launchpad, and right-click opening it and none of them work. Repairing disk permissions didn't help either, nor did the terminal command. I've just erased all previous app and reistalledthe new and so for driver!
  5. I have the same problem even after you have deleted old drivers and sw, and after reistallato all new! But what do you do? Can not ever keep up, you can not abandon the thousands of your customers, if this is your policy I doubt that many will choose Line 6 in the future.
  6. The drivers did not work already when the support for the "old" X3 was not stopped, so I find it unfair behavior adopted, only to push you to buy a product that, moreover, is qualittativamente worse than the old. The seriousness is also seen in the care of their products over time, not nell'ottuso sell to sell, say to the men of that marketing must return to study behavioral economics if they want to survive in a market where quality counts of realzione with the customer. One more reason not to take Line6 products in the future if these are the new dictates! Too bad I am very satisfied of the old Line6, and I have recommended and did take the products to many musicians, but disgusted with the new!
  7. it's ridiculous that so far in February 2014, the Line6 still has not solved the problem of the drivers for the old POD X3 with Maverick and you must install the new old otherwise do not work. Dear Line6 are not're no longer a serious and respectful day your customers, in the past I was excited but in the last two years you have degraded to the worst levels of commercial robbery!
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