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  1. My guess, and it is just a guess, is that you are playing in a small stage and when the band is actually playing live there is a lot of things going in to every mic. When you are playing back the recording you are getting a better separation in each channel. Hope that makes any sense...
  2. Yah, that kind of stuff have been happening with the record functions of the M20d. If it was user error it has to be a lot of users errors by a lot of different people... Not likely....
  3. Can't open the link... It just goes to the youtube main page (not to any specific video or channel) . Yah, maybe some computer genius can retrieve the data. I don't know... I only play guitar :rolleyes: :D Anyway, if you, by any chance, find a way to retrieve the data, all of us on this forum would thank you a lot for that information! ;)
  4. No way to recover the data unfortunately... It has been a very common problem with the M20d! Take a look at this topic: http://line6.com/support/topic/625-line-inputs-recordings-failed-since-110-update/
  5. I'm also waiting for the android app. If it does not come out will by a multi-pair cable with stage box and set the mixer the traditional way. I wont buy an apple product just for this! Period!
  6. Just delete the channels from the stage. You can quickly save that as a new setup just for recording and keep the old one for other proposes...
  7. Well, all I can say is that since I've been working with the M20d I never had to even think about feedback again... :rolleyes: So yah Tochiro, there must be something very wrong there!
  8. Hi, Just came to report the I've been following the tips and advice given here on the forum: Format the SD card, create and save new setup/scene stop/start recording carefully etc... And every thing as been working. I've done quite a few successful recordings since then. I don't have the time to do proper tests and try one thing at a time. I just followed all the advice at once. So I don't know the real cause or what I as doing wrong before. Thanks for all the help.
  9. can this have any thing to do with setups created before or after the firmware update? I also had 2 successful recordings. I know for sure these were done on new setups done recently, so they were not created for that session but were created on 1.10 firmware. I can't really remember with setups were done before the update... So I don't know if my failed recordings were done on setups reloaded from a back up from the previous firmware.
  10. Anything you can tell yet? Little inside, trick or tip? I'm really sure you guys are trying your best to solve this for good ASAP. But I have work always coming up and any little tip would help I know that I must be doing things differently because computers are not random and sometimes I can record without problems and others I can't. I've already received a nice tip, from one of you at line6, regarding my video. I now know that "quick capture" does not record the aux-in and if I try to use it before recording to the SD it will not record the aux-in on the SD card as well. That's a nice bit of info to have! Thanks Any more info of this kind? :rolleyes: B)
  11. I think the only point to import would be to edit the recording or to add overdubs. Other wise it's better to just mix on the mixer.
  12. or just mix in the M20d and then capture the main outs on the PC... I think an even greater idea would be an option to export the main mix in a single stereo file in the SD Card. That way you arrive from the gig. Plug the M20d to your monitors of choice and mix the show on the console it self. Than just press something like "export mix" and you'll have a finished version on the SD card ready to share. I don't see why going trough the trouble of importing to the PC just to process it exactly the same :o :P I do it almost like that now. But I have to record the main mix on the computer... It's a bit silly. It goes analog then digital again :rolleyes: Anyway, I having some issues with the recording part of my M20d now, so I can't record... :(
  13. I end up never using them.... My sound checks are short and we focus to much on getting good tone from every instrument. Then we play a piece all together and adjust relative volumes. It sounds good right away and it's usually time for diner. So I always forget about outputs processing... :rolleyes: Am I missing a lot?
  14. I just did another test with with an acoustic guitar plugged to channel 1 and every thing worked perfectly. :blink: And now its recording the aux as well. No problems :wacko: This can't be random! Computers do not have random behaviors. I'll try to repeat the test the times necessary to spot what is causing this. If I can understand I can replicate and it will always work when I want it to. And, of course, I'll post the results here and maybe LIne6 can solve this on the next firmware up date...
  15. This test was done with the aux in that is line level so no need for auto trim. No, the channel was not muted and I had reading on the meter. Very near 0Db actually. So it should result in a near normalized recording with the higher peaks reaching the top of the scale.
  16. Din't try recording main out... I'm pretty sure that all recording is pre-fader Did you see my video? I can't even use quick capture! :(
  17. I've been doing some tests... Here is a video I've done: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wi8fwUaPFJY&feature=youtu.be Excuse my English... The video is unlisted so that only people in this topic con find it. The PC is connected to the M20d by analog cable. Pc Phones out -> M20d Aux in
  18. Any news or any more light on the subject? I have work coming up with the M20d and I would like to know what I'm doing wrong so I can correct it...
  19. According to this site: http://www.sounddevices.com/notes/recorders/record-time/ 24bit 48khz audio uses 8.24Mb per minute. So, 8.24 / 60s * 16 channels = 2.20MB/s (aprox) By this calculation even a class 4 card (4MB/s) is more than enough. Am I miscalculating this?
  20. What you mean by removing the card before saving? I usually only remove it after the m20d is turned of. When I'm packing to go home... But I don´t always save setup or scene... Is that what you mean? The files play silence if you normalize them in a daw you'll get loud white noise. My card is a class 10 (30MB/s) SanDisk Ultra and is not old by any means. Thanks
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