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  1. Yeah I did notice similar on tone, some set to 10 etc. I kind of agree and set to don’t force for the lot, since as you say if you switch through any with zero set to get to the one you want to hit the strings on, you’ve already killed the variax connection it seems, so even if the one you land on is also set as don’t force your in off mode and nothing will happen. I’d only use these settings if I intended something specific to happen be that volume or but I’ve not got that sophisticated yet, give it a few decades! Maybe the answer to all this is to get used to double tapping the Variax selector knob just in case, so it makes it into muscle memory! The possibilities though seem outstanding with the Variax and helix combination if you have the knowledge, experience and imagination. I’m scratching the surface only and see the potential minefields this opens up also but in doing so am learning a lot from all you guys, thanks again.
  2. Guys - just checked this and now working my way through fixing all. Gold medal goes to Silverhead - seems like it’s the Variax Vol set to zero by default on some of the patches, I set these to ‘Don’t Force’ and that does the trick, well when I remember to save the patch after making the change! Silver medal goes to PierM - who also tried to help with good suggestions and to be fair was 1st off the blocks. Much appreciated guys, respect to you both and to this forum, I’ve now set myself up with a regular email feed to posts on the Helix and Variax areas of this forum just on the off chance one day I may be able to help others out at some point. all the best
  3. Silverhead, yes you got it the 32 preset pack 1 with IRs all installed in patches too.
  4. Silverhead, Thanks I’ll also check out this later - when I think about it, your suggestions make good sense - kinda - why didn’t I think of that! I’ll let you guys know how I get on many thanks
  5. Pier, for info the MBritt patches I got used to be available on Line6 Marketplace but they don’t all seem to be there now, I think I heard about them on this forum somewhere but I got them direct from his own website. Not intended to be a plug just friendly info share.
  6. Thanks Pier, yes using VDI but I’m sure I checked the input was all set to Multi else I wouldn’t be able to select them at all I assume as not using guitar in. But I’ll double check that and your other suggestion. Many thanks
  7. Hi, I use a Helix LT and Variax Standard upgraded to 3.15 and have recently purchased a set of MBritt patches, and damn good they are too. But, I have a minor problem when switching between many of these particular patches - when I select the next patch via the Helix foot switch it seems to lose the Variax guitar connectivity and the sound of that next patch is not there. I can get it back but only via what seems a random fiddle with either the guitar selector knob push on and select any guitar or sometimes via the pickup selector, again selecting a guitar model. So I am guiding the switch of thes patches at the Helix end is disconnecting the Variax too? I don’t get this issue with any other patches and am hoping it’s just some simple setting I need to change on the patches as they probably weren’t all created with Variax in mind but they are set as Multi on the input so I wouldn’t expect this. any ideas ?
  8. I had a problem and am stuck! Checked I had edit 3.01, then updated via this using instructions, it then came up with update error at end of helix firmware update and advised to do factory reset using mid 2 buttons, which I have done to no avail when switch helix unit back on starts to load 3.10.0 and then says ‘boot failure entered update mode!’. I then checked my helix edit to try again and it wouldn’t connect but I also noticed that it says it was edit v3, not 3.01, which it was before!? So I followed instructions and link to to update hx edit to 3.10 and try this but it will not recognise my helix lt and helix unit says same boot error, further attempts to factory reset have done nothing. Any ideas- I raised a support ticket as can’t find any instructions anywhere to get out of this, at least I did the backup as part of process via hx edit. Just trying to save some playing time as formal support ticket process likely to take a few days
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