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    HX Effects Snapshot Display Question

    I have a question about snapshots, in preset mode touching the same preset you are using it makes to change to snapshot 2, 3, etc, but I tryed and cannot return to snapshot 1, is like it goes to the higher snapshot number and stays there, any help about this? What am I missing, I just read the manual and haven't found anything about this. Thanks
  2. caberto1981

    The "Show your HX Effects pedalboard" thread

    Thanks! A friend of mine made it, with a little help from myself, I used to have a bigger pedalboard with individual pedals and a controller and I was looking for something smaller and more versatile. I have now all the effects I need and more, plus controlling all the features of my amp, a mesa boogie mark V.
  3. caberto1981

    HX Effects forum

    I don't think so, here are people that work for L6, not just users, so you may go not helping people somewhere else with your anti whining life lessons, cheers champion!
  4. caberto1981

    The "Show your HX Effects pedalboard" thread

    So, I finished my pedalboard, is really small and light, not less pretty though.
  5. caberto1981

    HX Effects forum

    And still waiting, is tedious to read through the forum and have a mix of different units I really don't care about
  6. caberto1981

    HX Effects forum

    Still waiting for a exclusive forum for the hxfx
  7. caberto1981

    Need help for Petrucci's delay setting

    It would be good if you can upload the patch for everyone to check on it!
  8. caberto1981

    HX Effects forum

    And... When is a forum only for the HX fx? I'm tired of reading post made for helix floor or lt when I only care about hx fx
  9. caberto1981

    The "Show your HX Effects pedalboard" thread

    Well, my pedalboard is in process of construction, I decided to go smallest as possible, just hxfx, mission exp pedal and a midi switcher for my amp channels, rev, eq, master, etc. I'll update when is getting done.
  10. caberto1981

    HX effects in the amps loop

    Why did you disconnected the ground? Noise? I have to solder new plugs and I may try this if there's a improvement
  11. caberto1981

    Expression Pedals with HX Effects

    Did you managed to solve this issue? It is maybe that that pedal was designed to be used with a trs cable?
  12. caberto1981

    HX Effects Switching Mesa Mark V 90w

    Hi man, did you managed to solve this issue? I have a mark V and I was thinking about buying this unit, what was the problem with the noise/hum? Was the 4 cable method or the trs to 2 ts for channel switching? Looking forward to hear your answer. Maybe using a midi device for switching amp channel is the way to go? Thanks!